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AIDA64 for iOS User Manual?

Pete P.

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Is a User Manual available for reference? Or a Glossary of parameters reported by AIDA? I couldn't find either one under Downloads or Support or FAQs. There was one mention in a forum for the PC version but the path to its location seems to no longer be valid. If they don’t exist, are there plans for one or both of them?

I realize that once published, the document must be kept in sync with enhancements and changes to the software at each release, but the benefits far outweigh the incremental effort that may be needed at each software release.

For starters, the effort to create the documentation can uncover some issues before release. Example: for the iOS device’s battery, “Voltage” is listed both, under “Battery” and “Battery Details.” Worse, the voltage values reported at the two instances are different! A tech writer creating a glossary of parameters would likely have caught that and sought resolution of the extraneous/ambiguous data condition.

Also—and the reason I went looking for a manual—the “Magnetic Field” and “Raw Magnetic Field” values have no unit of measure stated. I’m not sure if that measurement is in an Apple-proprietary unit, or “gauss” or some other unit was accidentally omitted. Understanding the meaning of/difference between “Mag Field” and “Raw Mag Field” would also be helpful. Likewise for “Relative Altitude.” To monitor data and recognize anomalies, one has to first understand normal data and recognize it, and a user given the means to easily do so will keep using that product.

A user manual does wonders for a technical product, ensuring everyone is “on the same page” (literally!), reducing miscommunication and misunderstanding of the data and consequent errors.

Published documentation often establishes new de facto standards and vocabulary for an emergent technology or paradigm shift, which helps to secure a future leadership role for the product and the company.

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