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Client creates reports every 10-30min

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We are testing the AIDA64 Business Edition - on 24 Clients everything is okay !

On one client we have the problem that the client creates reports every 10-30 min. During the test and creating the report, the clients is extremely slow.

The frequenze of report creation is "One a day" but we can find every report in the SQL Datebase.


What´s to do, to stop the testing/reporting every 10-30min?


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Hi BingoXL,

Please check that this one client PC able to store the report creation time. For more find "Schedule" section on this page:

How do you schedule the aida64.exe startup script? Also, please send for me the parameters that you use after aida64.exe.

Additionally, watch the videos on these page, may will help you:

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