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Active Touchscreen Button possible while Aida64 Sensor Panel onscreen?


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Saw the BPS Customs Youtube video a few weeks ago and bought the 7" RPi Touchscreen he recommended in the Video. The Eviciv MDS7802 1024x600 IPS Touchscreen. I'll be using it in my new Black Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL build just like he did installed in the Rear Exhaust Port location just like he did. No need for Touchscreen functionality for this particular use-case.

However, I am also building a 12 Bay Media Server which while connected to the main monitor will run 'Headless' most of the time for all intents and purposes. The thing is, that this media server will be on my IKEA-Hack Desk along with the main rig and I also want it to look good and thus will have all manner of Corsair iCUE RGB fans and strips on it too. I was going to do a 'SnowBlind Mod on the clear side panel of the case I am using for the Media Server but decied against it in the end. Instead I decided to integrate a Sensor panel like the one I bought for my main gaming rig into the front of the Media Server case Chassis so I can monitor the Servers perfomance, drive health, stats etc without having to switch the main monitor on or change monitor inputs etc Ideally though I would like to be able to add an active Touch button to the sensor Panel to enable/disable Corsair iCUE to turn on and off the RGB lights at night as the Media Server is in my bedroom.

Is this possible to have an active Touch button integrated into an Aida64 Sensor Panel Skin does anybody know?

Ironically the sensor panel on the front of the media server mod is me actually going back to the plan I had and made some sketchup models and renders of back in 2015 but never got around to building.




studio 2.jpg


new setup.jpg

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