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Can anyone recommend a Sensor panel at or close to but not above these dimensions?


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Hopefully this is the correct sub-forum to ask this question.

I assume I need to buy the Extreme Edition of Aida64 for Personal use on at least 2 of my PC's for Sensor Panels. Am I correct in assuming that you need to buy Aida64 for this use-case or is there a free version you use for Sensor Panels and only need the paid version for Benchmarking???

Anyway, I noted that the Extreme (Personal Use) version allows you to use Aida64 on 3 PC's. I was already planning to use it on two of mine already but I realised, why not use the third licence on my HTPC. The available space on the front panel of the PC case is 8cm/3.14" wide by 11cm/4.33" tall.

Can anyone recommend an Aida64 compatible screen, HDMI or USB will do, at or close to but not above those dimensions?


[EDIT] Its OK. I found the Beada Panels and in the sizes I wanted. Full Steam ahead now! Utilising the 3 PC licences of the Extreme AIDA64 tier. 1 Panel in my main VR Gaming Rig, 2 Panels in my 12 Bay Media Server and 1 small panel in my Brothers HTPC formfactor rig.

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