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HDMI 7" Sensor Panel connected to iGPU instead of Discrete GPU??


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Just wondering if there is any advantage or indeed caveats to connecting a 7" HDMI Sensor Panel to my Motherboards HDMI output and running it off the CPU's iGPU.

Potentially moving from an AMD CPU without iGPU back to an Alderlake Intel with an iGPU and have an RTX3090 Discrete GPU, so its not like I am lacking outputs on my dGPU. However I do a lot of High Res/High refresh rate VR gaming and Simming and just bought MSFS2020 and will be flying in VR. Every extra frame and the frame timing etc is very important for a smooth experience with MSFS2020 in VR.

Thus I am wondering that given this use-case and even with the mighty RTX3090 it might be advantageous not to distract it so to speak with it having to run a Sensor Panel as well as the 3440x1440 @ 60hz Ultrawide Monitor and a 90hz VR Headset.

So my question is if its even possible to run a HDMI Sensor panel off of the iGPU or if there are any downsides in doing so?

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