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USB2 Controller for 480x1920


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On 11/7/2021 at 6:15 AM, Fusion said:

Hi All

looking to internally wire my sensor panel to a USB2 header splitter cable. 1x for power and 1x into a USB2 display adapter. 

Can someone recommend one that works at that resolution to match the screen?


I am searching for the same exact thing so please post back here if you find one and I will do the same. I already have an Ingcool 1024x600 internal display. For that one I am using a Pluggable USB2.0 to DVI adapter with a DVI to HDMI passive adapter. Kind of messy but it works. The Pluggable spec does not list 1024x600 but its doing it. I tried a Startech USB2.0 to HDMI adapter but it would not do 1024x600.

Now I bought a Formulamod clone of the Barrowch FBEHD-01 display (1920x480). I tried a J5 Create JUA250 USB2.0 to HDMI adapter but it would not do 1920x480. My main GPU (Asus TUF 3080OC) will do it but I want to keep the wiring internal to the case and not use a main GPU output. These adapters are a crap shoot in terms of whether they will do non-standard resolutions. Very few list all resolutions they will do. In the case of the Pluggable, its one of the few that (supposedly) lists all supported resolutions, but mine is doing 1024x600 which is not listed, so who knows. I have not tried connecting the Pluggable to the 1920x480 display but I will. If it works, I will post back here.

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Hi SpeedyV - Thanks for the response on this. Oddly thought id checked this thread more recently than this and not spotted your reply.

As I didn't spot your thread I went and got that usb2 Startech and found it didn't work at that resolution your just get a bunch of trippy lines! Ill sling that on ebay when I get chance.

Like you I have a 3080TI FE however I use all 4 displays off it. I've considered putting in a spare WX4100 that I have kicking around but its overkill, will ruin the look of my case and lead to routing wires outside the case.

Ideally I want to use the spare USB2 headers I have on the motherboard but ill consider sacrificing a USB3 one if someone can confirm it will do the 1920x480 resolution 



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