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  1. It seems that Asus did remove VRM temps from the BIOS, at least for the Maximus X Hero Wifi. But I don't see it in AIDA either. I am guessing that the MOBO Feklar received has the (older?) VRM component that does report a VRM temperature. Odd since he just received it. Maybe the non-wifi version still has the old component, or maybe the MOBO he received is from older stock, or maybe current stocks have some of each version. Without comment from Asus, there is really no way to tell. I thought about looking for a REV# on my MOBO, but for that to be meaningful, I would have to get other people to do this, and then post their REV#s and if they get a VRM temp reported or not. It may be possible to figure out which REV reports VRM temp and which do not, but I probably won't bother, as I think this is a dead issue. My Maximus X Hero Wifi does not report a VRM temp so I placed (crammed) 2 thermal probes up inside the heat sink, so they are resting against one of the cans. One sensor is plugged into the MOBO Temp_2 header. The other one is connected to a Corsair Commander Pro. They both report reasonable temps and agree within 1 degree C, which is encouraging, though there really is no way to determine if they are accurate. Despite several invitations to comment on the matter, the Asus representative that frequents the ROG and OC.net forums has (so far) refused to acknowledge the issue or offer any insight. In the meantime, the Asus web page for the Maximus X Hero Wifi continues to show a little thermometer on the VRM section, suggesting, but not stating outright, that VRM temp is reported. This irritates me, though not enough to RMA the board. A replacement would probably not have the sensor if this is a result of a component substitution, and it's just not worth the hassle. For X299 - yes, but for Z370 VRM temps are really not a huge concern. YMMV...
  2. I was advised elsewhere that Asus changed a component (VRM PWM Chip) and the alternate does not report VRM temp. One person that I know of posted that HWiNFO would report it, in EC section, though it was not in BIOS. Perhaps Asus was aware that the alternate VRM PWM chip did not report the temp, so they removed it from later BIOS releases. The person who can see it in HWiNFO but not the BIOS must have a MOBO with the original PWM chip and a later BIOS. Just a theory. Asus reps have been mum on the subject. Thanks again.
  3. Did the VRM Sensor issue on the Asus Maximus Hero (and Hero wifi) ever get resolved? There is a guy on OC.net that claims HWiNFO is showing a VRM sensor value but he sees nothing in the BIOS (which I believe but don't understand). Someone on the ROG board claims the VRM sensor is there on the HERO and a corrupt BIOS flash may cause it to not appear in the BIOS. He re-flashed and it appeared. I have tried that and everything else I can think of and cannot see a VRM sensor in the BIOS, in HWiNFO, AIDA64, or SIV. I Googled reviews and found 5 of them that included BIOS screen shots of the Monitor screen. None of them show a VRM Sensor (and none of the reviews mentioned it's absence). SIV shows a register but it has 0's in it. The VRM Sensor should show up in the EC bus, which I believe AIDA does not monitor due to system stability concerns. HWiNFO has the option, and when enabled, several values show up but no VRM Sensor. Asus has been silent on the matter. Does anyone know if the VRM Sensor exists on the Maximus X Hero and Hero wifi? Thanks!
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