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New hooks for FPS


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Can we ***PLEASE*** get some new hooks for FPS monitoring.  It's sad that we only have 2 options, FRAPS and RTSS.  Fraps hasn't even been updated in almost 10 years. Why is aida64 still recommending something this old?  There are plenty of options to use, and possibly hook to today such as:

EVGA precision X1
Geforce Experience
Windows 10 + 11 Game Bar

Or can we have native FPS support in Aida64???

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On 1/24/2022 at 9:34 AM, krunker said:

Maybe the development team forgot about it. I also complained and received no response.



Honestly, Aida64 is losing my loyalty, quickly.  I too have had many submitted tickets go without response.   I have been using them for 10 years as a paid member.  The problem is I don't know of another application that allows custom Diagnostic and sensor displays.  On another note: Who ever is doing their marketing... HUGELY missing an opportunity to partner with 3rd party hardware makers.  Lots of hardware coming out with LCD sensors now. NZXT and Corsair now have LCD displays on the water pumps.  Aida64 could run those easy... Anyways, it's clear to me this is no longer a point where they want to spend development resources.  As soon as I find something else that suits my needs I am jumping ship. 

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