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Dispaly for Fractal Meshify 2 XL

Axǝl Dangǝr ツ

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I have a Meshify II XL and actually installed 2 interior video displays. The first one is an Ingcool 7IP-CAPLCD - 1024x600 - 7-in I bought from Amazon. Unlike most of the others, the connectors for USB and video are recessed away from the edge of the panel so the incoming wires don't stick out the side and look stupid. I have this one running a custom "Overview" panel in Aquasuite (basically the same thing as an AIDA sensor panel). Then I bought a FormulaMod Fm-XSQ which is a clone of a Barrow FBEHD-01 (1920x480). This one is also running an Aquasuite Overview Page but I may switch it to AIDA control. 

Aquasuite overview pages are similar to AIDA sensor panel layouts. They are more limited in some ways but can do some things that I don't know if you can do in an AIDA sensor panel (like have real time graphs). Rather than run HDMI cables from these panels to my GPU outputs. I used a couple of USB2.0 video adapters to drive them. The first few USB video adapters I tried would not do 1024x600 or 1920x480. I had a couple of Pluggable UGA-165 USB2.0 to DVI video adapters laying around. They would do these resolutions. I just had to add passive DVI to HDMI adapters. The USB cables go to a Aquacomputer Hubby7 internal USB2.0 hub. This all fits nicely in the back of the Meshify II XL.

For mounting the 1024x600 display, I added a back made out of foam core that attaches with 4 x 2.5mm screws to standoffs provided with the display. Then I glued 2 small neodymium magnets to the foam core. Then I mounted 2 L-brackets to the larger removable plastic panel that comes with the case. The magnets snap to the L-brackets and hold the panel in place. I made the wiring harness longer so I can actually move it around inside the case if I want. This worked out really well. The 1920x480 panel comes with a bracket that allows the panel to be mounted to the side of a radiator or a row of fans. I mounted this bracket vertically to the front intake fans. The bracket they provide works but its really cheap thin metal and bends easily. I attached a few pictures of what this looks like.




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