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Asus Z690 Apex and 12900K Sensor issues


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I have a Asus Z690 Apex with a 12900K and DDR5 memory. I don't seem to have any DIMM temps for either one of my 2 slots. They were there once and now are missing and I do have the option selected in stability options. Temps do show in the bios but not aida64. Also regarding core temps, they are there and they all disappear at random times usually for a second or to then reappear again. They is not normal. I have attached isa and ec dumps in case. Let me know if there is anything else you need.

EC Dump Z690 Apex.txt isa sensor dump Apex.txt

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I've seen the same thing in my computer -> sensor tab where the cpu cores and their respective temps periodically will disappear for a second and then are back again.  It is annoying and intermittent.  I'm running an AsRock Z690 RS Pro with a i7 12700kf with latest bios and no OC.   I turned on the DIMM temp sensor in preferences -> stability submenu.



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