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Sensorpanel resolution mismatch

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Hey y'all!  I've connected an Ingcool 7" 600x1024 display hooked up to my machine. I've tried importing a whole bunch of 600x1024 sample sensorpanel samples from the sharing thread to test it out, but everytime I do the size displayed on the ingcool is many inches larger on my extended display.  My main display is a32" 8K Dell Ultrasharp display (#1) with a default scaling of 300%. The Ingcool is Display #2 set at it's default resolution of 600x1024 in Portrait (flipped) orientation set at default 100% scale. I don't know what I'm doing wrong that the 600x1024 sensorpanels are displaying significantly larger than the Incool display. 



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I am having this exact same issue on my 1024x600 display. I was just wanting something to display until I have time to mess with making my own, but any user panel designs I have tried that say they are for 1024x600 always import much larger. Most of the time the fonts look messed up as well. I figured it has to do with how I am importing the file since I am new to using AIDA64. Hopefully someone has some advise or points out what I/we are doing wrong.

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The problem is linked to display scale setting of the primary display. If you close the sensor panel and Aida64, set the scaling to 100% and reopen Aida64 and the sensor panel it will be the correctly resolution of 600x1024. Aida64 definitely needs an option to disable resolution scaling for the sensor panel


There's a workaround to this by scaling different values in the file down. For example in my case I have a scaling of 150% meaning if I multiply all the values "ITMX", "ITMY", "TXTSIZ", "BARWID", "BARHEI", "WID" & "HEI" by 0,666 and change the resolution from 1536x900 back to 1024x600 I get every template looking the way it should

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Try this

Go to where your Aida64 .exe is.  Right Click > Properties > Compatibility Tab > 'Change High DPI settings' > Check 'Override High DPI Scaling' Scaling performed by: 'System' (from the drop down) > Ok/Apply > Restart. 

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