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Case fan and CPU fan are not recognized (Asus TUF Gaming B660-Plus WiFi D4)

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hello. I can't understand English. It's translation software, so I'm sorry if the wording is funny.

I found aida64 because I wanted a sensor panel. I'm trying the trial version.
I found a sensor panel that I like very much, but I have a problem.
the case fan was not detected and the sensor panel still showed 0.The CPU fan too.
I don't think it is an item that is displayed when you purchase.

I saw a lot of people here who were in trouble with the same thing as me.
Will it be displayed when I purchase?

UEFI and other software recognize fans.
Graphics board fans are aware.

Also, since there is no status bar at the bottom of the AIDA64 main window, sensor dumps cannot be issued.
Is it because it's a trial version?

CPU:i5 12600k
Motherboard:ASUS TUF GAMING B660-PLUS WIFI D4 (BIOS 1402)
CPU cooler:AS500PLUS
Case fan:Sirius Loop ASL120

I'm very sorry, but I want you to help me

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P.S. After investigating from that point, it seems that the temperature of the motherboard is not detected. According to the armory crate, it does recognize the temperature of the motherboard, but AIDA64 does not.
I also want to do something about it. Help me

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