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  2. Hello Still not a few minutes to integrate the drag and drop in the Sensor page ? Thanks
  3. Hi. Would it be possible to configure portrait mode for the EVE2-38G?
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  5. Just tried the beta you sent. Seems to work fine. If possible, could you include that as a stability option in future releases? Thank you!
  6. Last week
  7. Thank you. If you want me to test anything before you put it in beta, let me know. It would be my pleasure to help. Cheers! K
  8. Thank you! It seems the HID protocol we use for Z10 cannot be used for Z10 RGB, since the protocol itself seems to have changed. We've contacted EVGA and asked them to provide us with he necessary technical information to implement support for the new Z10 RGB HID protocol and so let us put our own bitmaps on the LCD of Z10 RGB. I'll let you know once we could accomplish all of that.
  9. Thank you. You see, this type of customer support is why I will continue to buy renewal license and promote AIDA64.
  10. Here is the USB dump. Thank you very much for your help. K usbdump.txt
  11. We'll add that reading in the next AIDA64 beta update
  12. Please right-click on the bottom status bar of AIDA64 main window --> System Debug --> USB Dump. Copy-paste the full results into this topic, or attach the results as a TXT file to your post. You may need to enable status bar in AIDA64 / main menu / View first. Thanks, Fiery
  13. Thank you very much. Keep up the great work! I hate to be a bother, but I noticed that there is a value; '3.3V EC', that HWiNFO reports that is different from the '+3.3V'. Is that a value AIDA64 can display, or no? Thanks again.
  14. Hey there, I replaced my old Z10 with the new Z10 RGB. When i try to enable the LCD i get: Error: HID device 3842-2601 not found. I have the latest beta installed (sept. 16). Cheers! K
  15. It could very well be some bugs in the bios . I also notice a 10% performance drop in 3dmark firestrike with virtualisation enabled in the bios . I don't think that's normal either .
  16. The above mentioned new AIDA64 beta update is available for download at: https://www.aida64.com/downloads/latesta64xebeta
  17. Thank you. Everything looks fine there. I think with virtualization enabled, the APIC clock runs slower than the BCLK for some reason. Maybe because APIC is virtualized then as well. As for the missing sensor readings, in the case the rest of the readings are there, and AIDA64 uses the Asus WMI interface, it is then due to a BIOS bug.
  18. I'm almost certain that if you disable GPU monitoring, the issue won't come up.
  19. Fair enough , thanks for your honesty . If you need some more info , just ask . Would this also mean that if i use aida64 for just cpu monitoring for example , it would not crash my system anymore ? Or does that have nothing to do with it . I can also mention that when i monitor the vega 56 card with GPU-Z , it doesnt not crash or bluescreen .
  20. On Vega 56/64 and RX 5700 Series AIDA64 uses AMD's standard PMLog interface that was designed to avoid such collisions when both AMD's video driver and 3rd party applications try to poll sensor readings and they alter GPU registers in a concurrent way. Apparently PMLog is still not 100% stable, so using it causes different issues then previously when low-level register readout caused collisions I'm afraid we cannot fix that issue from our end, so you need to report this to AMD and ask them to fix PMLog in their drivers.
  21. Long story short , since june 2019 i have a new videocard (MSI Vega 56 Air boost OC) , which I am trying to get stable for the past 3 months now . I have been trying everything , swapping hardware in and out , changing fansettings , adding fans , DDU drivers , updating all programs/drivers on my pc and what not . Every time the PC crashes , i have to do a CMOS reset to get the pc to boot again . Just a restart or power down is not enough . The "Thread stuck in device driver" blue screen analysis points towards DX and AMD drivers , hence me being focused on those things at first . So in the end nothing helped and I decided to try to run stability tests in a completely new windows 10 x64 installation . Only installing chipset driver , sound drivers and videocard drivers . Suddenly no more crashes ... Since in a clean windows install stopped the crashes (meaning the hardware is fine) , i went back to my old windows installation to try and find out what software was causing these BSOD's . In the end I had a stable run of several hours .Yay ! Where the only program i closed was AIDA64 . So I decided to stop the stability test . After closing the stability run (Heaven benchmark) I opened AIDA64 back up . What do you think , mere 2 minutes after opening I get BSOD with thread stuck in device driver again . And this was just on the desktop , with no stresstests running . So the next day i closed 3 monitoring programs to be sure : AIDA64 , Rivatuner statistics server and Remote panel . I fired up a gpu stresstest and let it run all day and night . No crash ... . It was still running when i woke up the next day . This never happened before ! Software versions : - AIDA64 (I always used latest beta's since june 2019 . currently using 6.00.5161) - Rivatuner statistics server 7.2.2 - Remote panel 1.16 - AMD driver always latest optional since june (currently 19.9.2) The output of my monitoring currently goes towards a Samsung Galaxy s5 connected through usb) . But before I used a G19 keyboard , which was causing the same BSOD . To this post I also attached a bluescreen analysis with WhoCrashed . BSOD thread stuck in device driver analysis.txt
  22. Ok thanks I will put the fan on the fan controller, no monitoring
  23. I have no idea what disabling a certian fan RPM reading is accomplished by the BIOS Setup, but most likely it just means that the BIOS Setup stops monitoring that fan. It still could mean that the fan RPM register indicates a reading, and actually no sensor register is altered to indicate that Chassis #2 fan RPM readout is disabled. I'm not sure what to do about such issues. Unless of course you use the SensorPanel, OSD Panel (etc) modules where you can select which items you want to hide or show
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  25. Hello I put a fan on the Chassis #2 of the Asus Rampage VI Extreme, I disabled the Chassis #2 fan monitoring in the bios, but Aida64 still indicates the information It is not possible to disable Chassis # 2 in Aida64, since it is disabled in the bios ? Thanks
  26. The beta is the latest release, plus bug fixes and added code to work with more hardware than was available at last stable release. The next stable release will be a culmination of everything added over the various betas.
  27. Thanks for the reply. Yes, it worked. But I just paid for and am running the latest version, 6.00.5100. Why doesnt latest release work?
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