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  1. FYI, we've recently published a guide on how you can monitor your hardware on external displays with AIDA64. It includes instructions on how to enable this functionality as well on how you can customize the layout and the information you see on these devices. The guide is currently available in English and Italian: Monitor your hardware on external displays with AIDA64 Controlla lo stato del tuo hardware con AIDA64! Hope you'll find it useful. And let me know if you think that something is missing.
  2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\FinalWire\AIDA64\SensorValues
  3. Hey DiGrig, please check your private messages.
  4. Do I understand it right that you'd like to buy the license for a public library (ie. a non-profit institution)?
  5. wow, mate, that's amazing! how long have you been fiddling with this?
  6. svetlika, are you talking about the time you have to wait before the SensorPanel appears at Windows boot-up? I think there is not much you can do about that and it's not related in any way to the update frequency. I have an outdated, Athlon 64 X2 based PC on which it also takes a while for the panel to appear when Windows starts. I have some other startup programs and they simply need some time to load, just like AIDA64.
  7. If any of the PCIe slots are used on the mb, and we check the properties of the PCIe cards in Devices / PCI Devices, isn't "Bus type" the info we're looking for? Or what we see there are the capabilities of the card, and not those of the mb?
  8. Thank you for your feedback. Indeed, this was a bug. FinalWire fixed it in the latest beta release (4.30.2907), which you're welcome to try. To download the latest beta, you should either: 1) select "Stable and beta updates" in File / Preferences / General / [NetUpdate] Update type, and then click Help / Check for Updates. (In this case, you'll be using the beta instead of the latest stable version.) or 2) go to the Download section on the website and select AIDA64 Business 4.30.2907 in the table listing the available beta versions. (Please note that you need to have a valid license or request a test license to proceed with the download.)
  9. Dunno if there are plans to add installation date to Change manager, but I can think of 2 workarounds you can use in the meantime. 1) Check Software / Installed programs (in the tree menu on the left) on the given machine. Here installation date is provided for the majority of installed programs, at least, you'll have information about the latest version. 2) Run reports on a daily basis so that you can see when software updates occur.
  10. Yeah, agree. But anyway, it's possible to log relevant sensor data during the test. You can enable logging in Preferences / Hardware monitoring / Logging and specify the logging intervals in milliseconds in Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / Update frequency. And don't forget to disable logging when you don't need the logs any more, as oterhwise AIDA64 will continue saving log files while it's running.
  11. You have to use command-line options to achieve this. Check out section 10.6.1 in the manual on p. 55, which lists the available command-line options. If you want AIDA64 to generate and send a report to you once a day, select "Once a day" in File / Preferences / Report / Schedule.
  12. For Italian users, we have a guide in Italian on how you can create a fully customized SensorPanel in AIDA64 Extreme Edition. (FYI: this is a pre-3.20 post so it does not cover area graphs and histograms, which have just been introduced, but these can be configured the same way as a line graph.) Come creare e personalizzare il SensorPanel di AIDA64? Hope it helps!
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