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  1. Fiery, is there any update to being able to run AIDA64 with Corsair Link?
  2. What about CorsairLink software? Will I have issues running Aida64 along with it?
  3. Fixed in the latest beta released today. Thank you for the great support. Regards, Lothar
  4. Okay, I enabled Embedded Controller (EC) bank switching, the other was already enabled. I restarted AIDA64 and sill no fans. I do not have any other monitoring software installed. Thanks, Lothar
  5. I just upgrade my system and with my new motherboard an ASUS ROG Maximus X Code no fan information is listed in the sensor panel. I have upgraded to the latest beta version. 5.95.4522. Regards, Lothar
  6. It works perfectly now. What great support, thank you. Lothar.
  7. I have the following connected to the motherboard CPU Fan - H110i GT Pump - Listed as Chassis #2 in Aida64 Sys Fan 1 - Rear Case Fan - Not listed. Sys Fan 2 - Front Top Case Fan -Listed as Chassis #4 Sys Fan 3 - Front Bottom Case Fan - Listed as Chassis #3 Thanks, Lothar
  8. The files are attached, Thanks, Lothar isasensordump.txt smbusdump_full.txt
  9. I just rebuilt my system with an Auros GA-Z270X-Gaming 7 motherboard. Release 580 had many fan sensor alerting errors, Alerting on beta build 4068 is good, but I have a fan on sys fan 1 that is not detected.
  10. You are right, I added another fan in my case that blows right on the 950 SSD and the temp went down to 41c. Thanks for your help and quick response. I love AIDA64.
  11. No not water cooled. Both seem wrong, every SSD I have ever had idle at around 30c.
  12. The temp is still wrong for me even with the latest beta release. Aida64 shows 60c, Samsung SSD magician shows 14c.
  13. I have a similar issue. I can not get Aida to start with windows even though it is set to in preferences. I have had this happen with Everest also, and have tracked down what the cause is but I am unable to fix it. This happens when Aida / Everest is installed on another user account. Startup settings only work on the user account that it was installed on originally. Uninstalling and reinstalling on the new account does not fix the issue.
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