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  1. lmao!....from the looks of that ...yeah id say Ryzen is 100% compatible with AIDA64.....i love this program and this sensor panel ..... why look at boring system data sensors man .....the customization of the sensor panel is unlimited pretty much!....the minds the limit ....truly!.......... thanks man!, for all the hard work you and your team put into this program
  2. hey how you doing ...i am working on a new one ...this is what i got so far ...but i don't know if any will like it like they did that old k ...its done .....well mostly ....i might add some more system info to the center HELP!! i can not stop adding stuff
  3. im sorry i no longer have that sensor panel ....if i can find it in my backed up data ill hook you up......i recently formatted all my drives and i'm in the processes of redoing a new sensor panel.....i do not know how it is going to turn out but ill let you see that also ......my sensor panels are created to run on a 24" 1080p monitor in portrait mode, i run 2 of those and a 55" 4k screen... i do still have my old one for my 8350 which is the same as this just things added for the 1800x....its not hard at all to create one of these panels it can be intimidating at first...lol...but things become pretty easy to do after you spend some time on it and learn it ..ive seen some awesome sensor panels!...way better then mine...lol...
  4. so one could say it is socket temp then?....and i think sence this is a external mb sensor and using the -20 degree rule and it matches my temp gun even on the back of cpu socket i will stay with that set up then...and keep the cpu temp sensor labeled socket i would also like to say thanks for the great work you guys are doing with your program ...i love it .....and everyone i turn on to this program loves it as much as i do awesome work guys ....
  5. so is the cpu socket temp still off that 20 degree offset .....i tested the temp of my crosshair vi hero with a temp gun around the socket their is no way its 54c while cpu is in the low 20's...lol....i still put the -20 offset on the cpu socket or if that is the socket ....just says cpu on this ...but i started with my old 8350 sensor panel ....cpu diode is thee two clusters? and the cpu is the socket or entire package both clusters together?....... that pics just showing off the look
  6. better late than never right...lol..i have it set to 3 seconds right now ....what should it be at?...i never did get it to work
  7. I have lost my key also .....I don't know how but tis gone out of my email.... Never mind I found it in the trash bin ....with 1000 other emails ....
  8. is there something special we have to turn on to get the rtss fps counter to work? ....I have it on my sensor panel and it does not seem to work? and this might not be the place for it but I cant seem to get the ssd and hdd drive utilization or temp things to work either ....temps work in the senor page but seem frozen on the sensor panel
  9. how about setting it up so we can add min max average right on the sensore panel
  10. well i got around to re working a sensor panle i found on this forum .....I forget who wuz the original creator of this sensor panel ...but thanks every who posted there panels for download ...it really helped to learn how things work and the things you can do in this .....and I love it man....I love having all the information in one spot from one program .... you thank you to all who work on Aida64 .....you guys rock .....and here is a look at my almost complete sensor panel .......o and one more thing any luck on getting a full screen sensor panel for a axillary monitor? 1080p?.......sure would be awesome to be able to make things bigger on the panel and see things in full screen 1080p ....ive been running a lower res on my axillary monitor ...it works but its still not a full screen panel....
  11. are you guys ever going to add a min/max/average to the temps and voltage section on the main sensor page with in Aida64?.....I have friends that like the program and will buy the subscription plane if you added that feature... I would love to see it added also ....I know I can log temps and things but to have it on the main sensor page would be a awesome...
  12. wow that's harsh...lmao...guess some people don't agree with paying for continued support for such a awesome product...someone's loosing out....wow!!!!
  13. wow! that is awesome...have you ever updated that to a 8 core cpu version?
  14. how can I get a copy of this sensor panel ...that's awesome I'm talking bout the one Stupe9968 made....that's just wicked ....I've been fooling round working on my own but a kick ass design has eluded my mind ...and that would work for me just perfectly ...being we damn near have identical systems
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