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  1. also check out here: i use this app on my g19 to consolidate aid64, and fraps fiery, they have plug ins, including aida64 and fraps. Perhaps that could help you implement a plugin. http://www.linkdata.se/software/lcdhost/
  2. Works great! thank you sir! now i dont have scratch head about why im getting artifacts everytime i overclock a new catalyst version. drives me insane for a couple hours... lol
  3. Good God, you guys are fast.... lol or was it a coincidence, and you were already working on it..
  4. hey, do you have that background jpg from your page 1 without the nvidia and Intel logo?I I have the blank one, but all the other graphics are missing... If you are any good with that stuff, the I5 and radeon logos would be nice..
  5. its for AMD GPUs, heres the cat screen: its the last item.
  6. Any way to add a monitoring item for AMD Over Drive's power control %? it tends to reset itself a lot, and would be nice to be able to watch,
  7. Works perfectly You guys are the bomb,
  8. Ah Very nice, thank you. I didnt know you were even working on it.
  9. it would be nice if it included both the link rate, and gen. like 16x@1.1, or 16x@2.0, etc... both numbers tend to move around during power saving states Primary gpu is fine.
  10. is there a monitoring item for this hiding somewhere i cant find? Can you add one? The new crop of GPUs have some compatability issues with the power saving states of the PCIe link. It bears monitoring while gaming
  11. Back-UPS ES 750, It must be in the API, as the powerchute app ( it realtime via USB, along with all kinds of other data... Not really helpful for gaming info, as if i alt-tab out of my game, everything clocks down..
  12. I have an APC ups as well, I dont seem to be showing any battertinfo via the power page in Aida64 Any progess on athe APC API? Realtime power draw would be killer for my g19 while gaming to see how nasty my electric bill will be.
  13. Awesome Tracks perfectly with Afterburner I just updated my licence because of this addition!!!
  14. nuts,,, how does gpu-z and afterburner do it?
  15. Doh! yeah, the 6450 is on xp... Are there plans for 7? GPU-z has managed to pull it off...
  16. I dont seem to have Video memory usage sensors on my HD6950, but it works fine on my HD6450
  17. that would be nice to add to my G-19 display so i can see what im drawing while gaming...
  18. What are the conditions for the GPU memory usage to appear in the external Application sharing preference? I have a Giagbyte GAZ68XP-UD3 with a ATI HD-6450 on cat 11.9 and they shows up fine... I also have an Asus P8P67-Deluxe B3 with a ATI HD-6950 on cat 11.10 preview 3 and they dont show up. Both GPU-Z and ATI tray tools have no problems detecting/displaying this info with cat 11.10 preview 3. 11.10 preview 3 is basically final, WHQL will be out tuesday. The 2nd machine is my gaming machine, so its important that i stay on the most current Cat.
  19. most likely, as the newest IRST pack doesnt even have 6 series listed but it installed and updated fine. Got a couple extra megs in transfer out of HDtach out of the deal, so it was worth the experiment to try.
  20. i also updated to the newest IRST drivers on the intel site wich are newer than the Asus site but it didnt help. what motherboard are you using? im using an Asus P8P67 Deluxe (p67 express chipset - Cougar Point) for sandy bridge i believe the other guy with the same problem is also using P67 as well. Im sure its related.
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