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  1. correct, however the sensors for CPU socket temp, fanspeeds and voltage were wrong in the previous beta/stable release. win7 64bit btw. also, kicking the polling interval for HDs up to 3600 does alleviate the symptoms.
  2. nope... just using the intel ports as idividual drives in AHCI mode Same issue also in C&C 4, and Fallout New Vegas
  3. New beta causes screen Hitching and sound skipping in Starcraft II P8P67 Deluxe mobo Ive turned off all non-needed items in stability (particuarily smart) to no effect
  4. try using LCDHost with aida64. no lag.
  5. Any progress on this? i need Vcore and combined CPU temps... also fan speeds are all wacky...
  6. Heres one i made...i pilfered the backroung form someone on here that was designed for aida64 and changed some things around for LCDHost it uses the Aida64 and Fraps plugins AidaNew.xml
  7. NM, i switched apps and purchased Aida64.
  8. I also need fixed voltages for Asus P8P67 Deluxe. Vcore in particular. Also it appears to be registering the CPU fan as Chasis Fan I noticed that Vcore is listed in the external program section, but not in the in sensor section...
  9. Just to aadd elements for display on the LCD function. ie the ability to display shared memory items from other apps. Id be happy with just fraps (FPS and Game Name). or as i suggested, a plug-in for the barloggg app. The barloggg app is open source, you couldtrweak the code to use aida64 instead of Everest, as that functionality is already there, im sure its just a name change or something. or perhaps a compatibility option in Aida64 to the have aida64's shared memory block to appear as Everest to outside programs.
  10. How about a plugin for Barloggg's app for the g19 like everest? or perhaps the ability to add shared memory/logged items to the built in display? the built in display is nice, but some of us need to combine data from more than one app on the screen at the same time (fraps or trixxx for example). Id definitely purchase if this existed.
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