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  1. Dear AIDA64 development team: On the Software\Installed programs page, the column "Publisher" that displays the program manufacturer is not included on language modules, so it is always shown in English. Could you please add the concerning line to the modules for localization? Thanks and keep up the good work!
  2. I have the idea of reading alerts aloud with SAPI text-to-speech engines. It would be great specially when users want to receive alerts about hardware (e.g. overtemperatures) when using full screen programs such as games.
  3. Fiery, thanks for your quick reply. Only one more question: Will AIDA64 be able to display monitor information of external monitors if I connect one to the VGA port?
  4. Dear AIDA64 developers, I cannot find anything on the Display\Monitor page on my Asus Eee PC 1015 PX. Altough I've no external display connected to the VGA port, I'd like to know details such as maximum resolution and display size, aspect ratio and vertical and horizontal freqs of the built-in led monitor. I'm using the latest beta of AIDA64 Extreme edition on voth my desktop computer and netbook, and the Monitor page on the desktop computer works properly. If it helps, these computers has Windows 7 Ultimate with SP 1 (64-bit on desktop and 32-bit on the netbook). Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi, The Microsoft Office 2010 product key is detected when the x86 (32-bit) edition is installed. However, the key is not detected on x64 based systems where the installed Microsoft Office 2010 version is also 64-bit. Could you please fix this? Thanks!
  6. This work fine! Thanks! Only one suggestion, there may be a colum (in case of SAPI 5 because it's obvious for SAPI 4) that could display, for each voice/engine, if is x86 (32-bit) or x64 (64-bit). Finally, some fields appear in English. When will be included into languages modules for translating?
  7. Dear AIDA64 dev team: I have a new idea related to copying information from AIDA64 to the clipboard by using the right-clic menu/context menu, specially useful for devugging information ofthen required here to solve hardware problems. When you copy any type of information using the AIDA64 context menus, the information is copied writen on the language you're using. However, when it is another than English and a user needs, for example, paste the information in this forum, the user may want to copy the data in English. Currently, the user must to set the program language to English, copy the required information and switch to his/her language again. It would be great if the user could easily copy this kind of data in English, independently of his/her preferred language. For example, it might to be a submenu called "Copy in English", or by holding the SHIFT key when opening the context menu (Windows Vista/7 does it, for example, with the Copy as path and Open command window here for files and folders). For last, the message after copying devug info is not localizable at this time. Could you add it to the language modules? Thanks and congratulations for the good work!
  8. Some engines have specific programs that can display this information (even related to engines from other manufacturers). For example, the Windows version of the Infovox from Acapela Group can display SAPI versions installed on the system, and the diagnostic program that comes with Loquendo TTS SDK includes information about all engines in the generated report. Fortunately this information can be obtained from the Windows Registry (there is no interface to acomplish this task), under the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Speech Inside Voices are data of installed voices of any manufacturer, including vendor, language, age, name, data folder, CLSID etc. The CLSID is used internally by programs that use SAPI to reference the voices. Thanks!
  9. AIDA64 does not require installation at all (availability of a self-installing exe is only for convenience). So, good news! You can perfectly run AIDA64 from a USB flash drive, a shared folder in a network or even from a CD. To do this, you should download the Zip file instead of the installer. Just extract this to a folder and run aida64.exe. The best, this version doesn't write nothing on the Windows Registry. To automatice the deletion of the program folder after the audit, you might try to create a command file (.bat or .cmd) that runs aida64.exe with the required command-line arguments and, after the audit is finished, delete the folder by going to the previous directory (using cd..) and executing del foldername /s
  10. AIDA64 is great. Its interface is very useful to quickly know information about software and hardware. I want to suggest the addition of software pages about speech engines, including SAPI 4/5 related to ASR and TTS. For example: what standards (SAPI 4 and SAPI 5) are supported on the system, what modules for recognition and TTS are installed, data of speech engines such as CLSID etc. Thanks!
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