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  1. I did.. Sorry to waste your time.. I was getting the abbreviations mixed up in my head! Love AID and proud to support it Attached is my latest which pretty much changes daily. Scott
  2. I have a MSI gaming 5 Motherboard and using on-board lan controller. If I use MB's or KB's it only seems to reflect 10% of actual speeds. When I go to the windows performance monitor it's correct. Is this a bug or something i can possibly fix on my end? Thank You Scott
  3. I'm so excited to see these new things that keep pace with emerging technologies. Mobile technology has always been a passion of mine. I'm very new to AID and would already love to see you guys continue to be very successful . (you can count on my renewal every year) My personal opinion with regards to tech is to look forward never back. A bit eccentric but everyone i know who is successful in the Tech industry never looks in the rearview. I would love to have more than one Sensor panel, and if its feasible I'll definitely make use of it. Embrace change!! -Scott
  4. That Looks great man.. I can sit around in my free time for hours and just change and rearrange all these senors on the keyboard and sensorpanel. My wife teases me about how many nights I've stayed up til the wee hours editing all these panels.
  5. I was just looking at that. There doesn't seem to be an option to upload a picture.. I've always had my own hosting service so FTP space is never a problem. I just host my own files. Anyway that's a shame I really was curious to see what others have done with the deathstalker display.
  6. Mine did that once the other day. The next day it updated fine. Got me
  7. i didn't like the G19s at all and Razor mad good with the Deathstalker so I'm keeping it These are some ideas I've been playing with! The 3rd one is Fiery's that I modified.
  8. Yeah I got it today and some of the keys do not illuminate. I called there tech support line and had the worst experience!! The person spoke broken english, had no clue about the product, and the call quality was very bad. Anyway, returning the product and going back to my g13 until I decide what to do. I'm angry and don't like making decisions when I'm angry. Anubis have you ever used the g19s?
  9. I totally get that Fiery, AID as it stands now is an outstanding tool and as much everyone loves to see improvements, I'm sure patience wins out here. i was wondering if there is a way to round the edges on the graphs a bit. An option for that anyway. I like big graphs and I wonder sometimes how they would look with softer corners. -Scott
  10. I just ordered this keyboard, so needless to say this was interesting to read through
  11. These are just some of my sensorpanel ideas. Now I just need some art and a little less redundancy. (EDIT 8-17-16) This took some time
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