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  1. Sorry for the really late reply. Yes, I was just using the Google Chrome browser at the time. I've recently switched to using an old iPad as the display using Dolphin Browser. It had a nice fullscreen mode and I set up a gesture for refreshing the screen if it doesn't refresh after a PC restart. Also freed up my vastly more useful SHIELD tablet.
  2. I've been using my Nvidia SHIELD as my display when I am not using it. Here's what it looks like.
  3. I may have found an issue. Having Right Aligned turned on with Simple Sensor items seems to be what throws everything off. Right Align shows in the Aida64 Display Window but the actual ARX/RemoteSensor windows show as Right Align is off.
  4. This works 20x better than Logitech's ARX. Should have tried this out before putting myself through all that trouble.
  5. I'll try it out tomorrow when I get home. I am also running into a strange issue where ARX itself causes the Logitech Game Panel Software to run really bad and freeze every so often when trying to mess with it. Thanks for the help.
  6. That's what I was doing at first.. but it starts to make the preview look awful and things were overlapping. Makes it a pain to set things up that way.. especially since the ARX screen doesn't update live when I hit the Apply button. Would take me hours to get it set up like I have my G19s screen.
  7. I am using Simple Sensor Items so I guess that's why I didn't see the width. I will try messing with the non-simple versions and report back.
  8. I do not know at the moment. Will have to check once I get off work. I didn't know that was a thing. I figured the screen in Aidia64 was always 1:1. I had no issue like this setting up my G19s display.
  9. Hello, I am running into a issue where sensor items are not displaying correctly on my tablets screen. I have the screen size set to what ARX told me to. I can managed to place them correctly on the screen. But it usually looks like a jumbled mess in Aida 64 and it makes it a pain to move things. Using a Nvidia SHIELD tablet. Any help would be appreciated.
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