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  1. I would like to know how to turn on a second unique Sensor Panel. I figure it must be possible as @Fiery said in 2013... "We do have plans about multiple SensorPanels,"
  2. Wouldn't yellow start at around 75% and red around 90%?
  3. Well the fan speeds showed after i turned off the cam software but i think that might turn off the custom fan profiles? Also noticed with the cam software on my disk activity in AIDA went away. Anyway, cam software often looses connectivity with the individual fans and sometimes a fan will speed up to full for no reason. I never have any of these problems with my MB fan controller so the NZXT GRID+ V2 is officially awarded with the esteemed designation of PIECE OF CRAP!
  4. Well i finally got my RMA back. Installed the fan controler and cam software and drivers. Installed beta version of AIDA64 and turned on grid monitoring. Sensor panel would frequently not refresh to reflect changes, ie moving an item while CAM software was active. Would sporadically show fans 21 to 26, i have 5 fans plugged in with the first fan controller (20) not used. Have not successfully gotten fan speeds to display in AIDA64. Hoping this is fixable as the cam software is not customizable and, subjectively, a little ugly. I have always found the fan controller on the mb to work well
  5. Hello Fiery I unfortunately had to do an RMA for the GRID+ V2. In its little monitor program the wattage used and RPM for the 5 fans attached went out of bounds and a 6th ghost fan was shown as being attached. At this point i shut down the pc and removed the device. I really like being able to set individual fans to respond to either the CPU or GPU so im going to try again. So in my RMA to NZXT i said this... There is a program called AIDA64 Extreme which im sure is popular among the people who would buy the GRID+ V2. It would be nice to be able to show the fan speeds from the
  6. I just installed the NZXT GRID+ V2. It has 6 individual fan controllers each assignable to respond to either CPU or GPU temps. Very nice. Is there a way for these fan speeds to be displayed in AIDA? Thank you for your help.
  7. Well thank you for trying. Do you know if i would face the same problem if instead of windows spaces i just used the MB bios raid? Thanks again
  8. Oh my hopes soared so high upon the reading of your suggestion. I installed this file... Intel® Rapid Storage Technology (Intel® RST) RAID Driver, f6flpy-x64.zip Reboot and nothing changed. I don't know if it even matters but the Volume would still not populate in Device Manager / Disk Drives. Thank you for your continued efforts. P.S. Finally got that leprechaun to talk and upgraded to AIDA64 v5.5!
  9. went to Device Manager and the two seagate 3gb drives are listed under Disk Drives but when i open the properties and go to volumes tab and hit Populate an error appears "Volume information for this disk cannot be found". also under Disk Drives is listed the Microsoft Storage Space Device. under the Properties / Volumes for that it does populate. seems as if windows is hiding the physical drives for the Storage Spaces.
  10. P.S. - Just installed win 10 and they are still missing
  11. Hello Fiery Thank you for your reply. It seems that the two RAID related options are already enabled. I tried twice to copy n paste the requested files but the post didnt work, i think there were too many words. So i have attached said documents for u. Thanks wONKEyeYEs atadump.txt wONKEyeYEs raiddump.txt wONKEyeYEs smartdump.txt
  12. Hello Fiery Thank you for your reply. 1- Same, just did a system reinstall. Same sata/raid drivers. 2- i have never directly edited that file but my preferences settings in AIDA were the same. 3- <engage sense of humor 1.2> don't quit yer day job. ;-) as i am still using 8.1, which is what my current version of AIDA was written for, i see no need to upgrade . i imagine i will eventually move to win10 (for DX12)but i will still try to flog my current version of AIDA as my money tree was plowed down when they built the new wall-mart next door. but i promise that as
  13. Well here's a weird one. I have two 3TB seagates and applied windows storage spaces to them. They mirrored fine, seemed like a simpler solution than raid. Then i did a system re-install and windows seemed to re-mount the drives automatically without any trouble. The only thing that changed was the sensor panel no longer showed temp info for those two physical drives. After Storage Spaces and before System Re-install... After Re-install with Storage Spaces functioning... The thin green line is utilization for Drive E which i think must be the Storage Spaces drive. In Sensor Pan
  14. I would be happy being able to right click on the panel and choose between two different sensor panels.
  15. Hey Alphasmsn Noticed your start icon. Hope your using Classic Shell 4.2.1
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