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  1. I just hooked this up on my Corsair Vengeance K95 RGB and it appears to work well enough. Only minor issue is that the sensor led information shuts off temporarily if I use Corsair's standard lighting effects. I use their type lighting one, it comes back a few seconds after I stop typing. If I leave the standard lighting effects off it appears to work great though
  2. I wanted a panel that "flowed" with my custom desktop wallpaper so I did a faux "transparent" background using an image. (You can easily replace that with an SS of your own desktop for the "transparent" look) (The Aquaero 6 Pro isn't hooked up and no water loop yet, also I included the maxed out gauge at the bottom for display purposes only) This http://www.sexybootsrule.com/SensorPanel-10-2015.zip includes the sensor panel file and all the custom gauge images, but you might need to adjust the folder location for those.
  3. Sorry I went MIA on you there, my PSU blew up >.< (Slowly - aka I basically replaced every piece of hardware in my system before I finally narrowed it down to the PSU. Who knew that a weak PSU could cause /all/ the problems I was having; hard locks with no BSOD on the GPUs, SSD's and HHDs were not writing things all the way causing programs to crash, my aquaero was crashing and disconnecting, and 100 other stupid little things - all because my PSU only had 18amps on the 12v rail and I needed 24... I just installed an EVGA SuperNOVA 1600T2 w/like 40amps on the 12v rail so it's all good
  4. Could I get the same PM? I'm putting together a dual loop system that'll have 2 Aquaero 5 LT's, 3 D5 pumps (2 aquaeros, 1 Swiftech atm), 3 high flow sensors, 3 water temp sensors, an RGB Farberwerk, and 6 fans running on the aquabus system... 4 device slots isn't going to come close to cutting it for my rig >.<
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