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  1. Perfect, thank you Fiery! This will make the utilization indicator scale bottom to up instead of left to right, correct?
  2. Hi guys, how do you get the vertical bars graphs?
  3. Hi guys, I just downloaded and installed Remote Panel and can only get the horizontal gauge bars to work. Is there some kind of trick to getting the vertical ones? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know how to make Chrome browser full screen? I'm on an Android Tablet. The built in browser lags very much compared to chrome.
  5. thanks Fiery, I've not looked into the alternative of using a Tablet in conjunction with RemoteSensor.
  6. ^That's a very nice config you have there. Hi everyone, What's the latest model Samsung DPF that's supported and available to purchase right now? Preferably Black + 8~12" Thank you
  7. Does anyone here have an Asrock mobo that can read vccsa and vcache with aida64? It's only showing me the vcore. Is it possible that these extended voltages will only show if I buy the full program instead of trial version? Thanks!
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