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  1. Corsair Link (or any in the 4.9.xx series). Yes, Corsair has some issues to fix there. It is not limited to AIDA or other monitoring programs. Their own Link program will lose the fans connected to the Commander Pro even without AIDA, HWINFO, etc. If you can, roll back to This was before the current issues began and is compatible with seemingly everything else. However, if you have brand new RGB stuff from them (LL, ML-RGB fans, etc.), the older version may not work for those.
  2. I am afraid I am running into similar issues on the Asus Z370 Maximums X Code. No VRM temp, chassis fan speeds, motherboard temp sensor, temp probe, and probably something else I am forgetting about. AIDA extreme build 5.95.4522. Code BIOS 1003. Switched on both EC Support check boxes, but no change. SMBus ACPI access also on. No AI Suite - ever.
  3. Thank you. New version is working as I need it and additional SMART data is also present.
  4. Thank you. The OS wasn't specified and I wasn't sure if you were referring specially to Magician data. I am only really interested in the temperature as opposed to the other SMART data at this point. For data collection, I am using the Samsung NVM Express 1.0 Driver and now Windows 10.
  5. I installed a Samsung 950 Pro yesterday. My older version of AIDA64 was able to recognize and monitor its wonderfully high temperature right off the bat (Win 7). However, after upgrading the primary drive to Windows 10 last night, AIDA can no longer detect the 950 Pro M.2, I am using the 5.50.3621 beta now. Is this a known issue with Windows 10?
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