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  1. no1yak

    Double temp entry Samsung 970 EVO Plus

    Thanks for the reply, not a problem, just curious as to why it showed up twice. Regards P. Clayton
  2. HI, Using your latest beta version 5.99.4975. My Samsung 970 Evo plus is showing up twice in the sensor section. My mainboard is an Asus Maximus Hero XI. If I return to your stable version then only one instance of the drive is shown. Regards P. Clayton
  3. no1yak

    Asus ROG Maximus X Hero SPD Info Missing

    Yes, I have admin privileges and Aida is updated through your automatic update process for bata and stable versions. Update: Uninstalled the program and re-installed version 5.80.4000, SPD info now back. Let Aida do an update back to version 5.97.4618 Beta, SPD now showing. So somewhere along the line one of the auto updates screwed up. Thanks for taking the time to respond to my thread.
  4. As the title says, no info for SPD in version Bata 5.97.4618. CPU-Z reports SPD ok.
  5. no1yak

    Asus Maximus X Hero missing VRM temp

    Same board and same problem. No VRM with EC bankswitching and EC support enabled. Don't use AI suite. Aida 5.95.4500
  6. Yes CPU now back-thanks
  7. Here is the file you asked for . ISA Dump.txt
  8. OK, went back to stable version 5.80.4000 and CPU fan is reported.
  9. Latest beta version 5.80.4089 doesn't report CPU fan on the above motherboard.
  10. I'm running an Asus Z170-WS and version 5.80.4045 beta of AIDA64. Problem is that there is no motherboard temp shown. Please see attached JPG.
  11. no1yak

    fixed: System Fans (Asus Z170-WS)

    All Fans now showing in the lasted beta - for the upgrade.
  12. no1yak

    fixed: System Fans (Asus Z170-WS)

    Thanks for the feed back.
  13. no1yak

    fixed: System Fans (Asus Z170-WS)

    HW Monitor reports all the chassis fans but why is AIDA64 only reporting two. Any ideas ?
  14. no1yak

    fixed: System Fans (Asus Z170-WS)

    Hi, Now showing two fans but two fans still not showing. .
  15. no1yak

    fixed: System Fans (Asus Z170-WS)

    Thanks for the reply, here is the two dump files ecdump.txt isasensordump.txt