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  1. Hey Fiery, Thanks for all your help.... I think it was a total windows 10 issue ...man I hate it! (gimmie back win 7 and optimize it for dx 12) anyways I ended up wiping my PC main drive & os ....and that fixed all my issues Love the Aida software ....,.
  2. I looked in my error logs and the Aida software doesn't even show up as not functioning. Also once again my water pump rpm and temp are no longer working, however when that happened before it was due to windows update. (I re-enabled the GPU sensor function that you had me disable and that wasn't it)
  3. So I thought I figured it out but I was wrong.... I uninstalled "Nvidia - Experience" software and aida 64 seemed stable but .... it still shut down just took about 10 minutes instead of 2 minutes. I also did the systems restore first but it had no effect.
  4. yes NZXT is correct. I'm using it just for the time being to monitor my temps and stuff till I can figure this out. So I looked at my system info and the only thing that changed on the day Aida 64 stopped working was the newest windows update. I am thinking of doing a system restore to that day to see if that was it. However there are some other things I just added in the last few days that I'd like to keep so I'm not sure what to do at this time....
  5. Hello all, Sorry I haven't been around for a while ... Ummm for anyone who requested files please make the request again and I will do my very best to get the files to you soon as I can. Thanks for your patients....
  6. Hello , Sorry I haven't been here at the forum for quite some time.... anyways so would you like me to send you the center split gauge? I only made this one with a black background. If so send me your email addy for the zipped file.
  7. ok so I disabled and restarted and it made no difference the program shut off I'm guessing 2 minutes later.....this really sucks cause I count on it for when I'm in game. Hopefully you will be able to figure it out cause I HATE using the "CAM" software cause well....it sucks...it doesn't come close to the Aida 64 proggie. That's why I'm bummed
  8. Gigabyte Z370 aorus Gaming 7,Intel i7 8700k - 5000 mhz,GeForce 1060 -6gb,(aida just popped off again,I'm coping the info from it)Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500gb-sata-III,Samsung SSD 960 Evo 500gb -M.2,Seagate Expansion SCSI -2T, Monitors x2 3440x1440 4k PnP, 5" 800x480 LCD. The software has been working great up till 4 days ago. I'm not real sure if it was a windows update or a conflict with Nvidia software (thats the only new thing I have installed a week ago))
  9. I"m sorry . I posted this one first then forgot to delete it after posting the other in the proper place. It was real late last night/morning.I deleted it.
  10. Can't figure it out. The program just wont stay opened, it keeps closing. I re-installed and updated , still wont stay open. Can't monitor anything if it won't stay opened...
  11. well I installed the cam program as a secondary it only shows up if I click on it but anyways it doesn't tell me crap. Ummm I can't seem to find "system debug" but there is a "report" button....btw thanks for your help.
  12. yes ... but I don't use the CAM software Aida64 is much better which is why I bought Aida64 . Nothing with the Kraken has changed... it just stopped reconizing it is there..?
  13. I have a Gigabyte Aorus z370 gaming 7. I had a sensor panel that was monitoring my pump rpm and rad temp but it just quit working so I changed up my sensors... I didn't want to but they are of no use to me sitting dead. the pic below is how I had it when it was working....
  14. So after the recent update my sensor panel no longer shows a sensor reading for my water pump or radiator temp. Is that a Windows update problem or Aida64 ? The radiator temp now reads N/C and the pump sits at zero. But I know the pump is working cause my cpu is at 36 C and it's clocked at 5000mhz. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
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