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  1. On 12/25/2017 at 12:22 PM, Rabbithole said:

    Below is another sample of my work, this one is a ROG in blue ... it is just a concept for now - a work in progress

    I figured out some cool stuff !....Check out these fully working bar-meters I made with 4 progressing colors.Yes the CPU thermometer works (just can't tell because my CPU is at 28-29 C) Also note how the speaker level bar fills in to 100%.





    Hey rabbithole


    is it possible to share the background in RED?? or the psd file?

  2. Hello,

    i try to set up a LCD sensorpanel on my tablet, first it works but i had much problems, the first:

    I tried to make a Gauge, under sensorpanel it names "GAUGE" under LCD Panel it names "ARC Gauge ".

    and unter ARC GAuge i cant choose my own graphics for the Gauge...........

    Is it not possible??


  3. okay i try, dont forget my native language is not english.


    okay, after using the Beta version i can change the effects of the leds in aorus graphics engine, this dont works with the normal version, but now this works.

    BUT the effect only works once, when i select it, then it stops.


    i contact gigabyte for the Problem, and they say this:


    • Uninstall the current  AORUS GRAPHICS ENGINE and third-party software such as AIDA64, reboot your system and reinstall the latest version of the AORUS GRAPHICS ENGINE version 1.30 utility from the product page, click here.


    they say i must uninstall aida64, you see there is a problem with AIDA64 AND the AORUS ENGINE.


    How i say, 60% Works now, the effekt change, but then its end....the leds stop, for example i use "breathing" then he makes it once times and then it hangs.....



    when i select a effect and click on "apply" it comes a loading circle, the effect works then, after 5 seconds the loading circle comes again, and then the effect hangs up







  4. On 14.2.2018 at 10:10 AM, StealthDefender said:

    I am testing an playing around with some panel by myself.The idea lies on this 2 great templates.

    THX @operbico for the template file.

    Sadly @drDriz didn´t share his panel and only have this one post and never come back again.

    I was interested how he make the gauges on top, they look amazing.

    @Rabbithole also give me some great ideas and made a fantastic panel for myself!

    But as a nerd i have to do some stuff by myself. But design is very hard for me, so templates are welcome. :-)

    So what do you thing on my first try? I have changed the gauges myself, the rest is at the moment 1:1 to the template of @operbico.

    Have a nice day,

    Greetz Stealth






    can you share the gauges?

  5. 7 hours ago, Fiery said:

    Thank you.  We've tried to reproduce the issue on our own Gigabyte video card, but for us it worked flawlessly, even with GPU sensor polling enabled in AIDA64.  Please let me know what exactly happens, what functionality of Aorus Graphics Engine stops working when you have AIDA64 auto-started at Windows bootup.

    i boot my pc with both in autostart "Aorus Graphic engine" & "AIDA64".


    i must enter my passwort for my windows7 then the leds works well it glows for example, then i enter my passwort and the glow stops and when i change the settings in "Aorus Graphic engine" it takes no matter....

    i made no ones of my changes.....

  6. 13 hours ago, Fiery said:

    Thank you for the dump.  Please try to disable GPU sensor support in AIDA64 / main menu / File / Preferences / Stability, and restart Windows.  Let me know if it helps.

    yeah it works, but after a restart my sensorpanel doesnt give me information from my graphics card.......


    when i activate it back in windows without a restart both programs works well........

  7. hello,



    here the dump



    ------[ Versions ]------
    Program Version : AIDA64 Extreme v5.95.4500
    BenchDLL Version: 4.3.770-x64
    Windows Version : Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise 6.1.7601.24024 Service Pack 1 (64-bit)
    ------[ Video Adapters ]------
    Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti [10DE-1B06 / 1458-3762]
    ------[ Video Driver ]------
    nvd3dumx|||||nvwgf2umx|||||nvwgf2umx|||||nvd3dum|| - nVIDIA ForceWare 388.71|||nvwgf2um|||||nvwgf2um||
    nvd3dumx|||||nvwgf2umx|||||nvwgf2umx|||||nvd3dum|| - nVIDIA ForceWare 388.71|||nvwgf2um|||||nvwgf2um||
    nvd3dumx|||||nvwgf2umx|||||nvwgf2umx|||||nvd3dum|| - nVIDIA ForceWare 388.71|||nvwgf2um|||||nvwgf2um||
    nvd3dumx|||||nvwgf2umx|||||nvwgf2umx|||||nvd3dum|| - nVIDIA ForceWare 388.71|||nvwgf2um|||||nvwgf2um||
    ------[ nVIDIA GPU #1 / B00-CR1F = 00 ]------
    ------[ nVIDIA GPU #1 / B00-CR49 = 00 ]------
    ------[ nVIDIA GPU #1 / B01-CR1F = 00 ]------
    ------[ nVIDIA GPU #1 / B01-CR49 = 00 ]------
    ------[ nVIDIA GPU #1 / B02-CR1F = 00 ]------
    ------[ nVIDIA GPU #1 / B02-CR49 = 00 ]------
    ------[ nVIDIA GPU #1 / B03-CR1F = 00 ]------
    ------[ nVIDIA GPU #1 / B03-CR49 = 00 ]------
    ------[ nVIDIA GPU #1 / B04-CR1F = 00 ]------
    ------[ nVIDIA GPU #1 / B04-CR49 = 00 ]------
    Total   :   12.8 sec
    GPU1-B00:    0.3 sec
    GPU1-B01:    0.3 sec
    GPU1-B02:    0.3 sec
    GPU1-B03:    0.4 sec
    GPU1-B04:    9.6 sec


  8. hello,


    my native language is german, i hope my english is understandable.


    The Problem is, when i use my "aorus Graphic Engine" to control my 1080TI's leds, doesnt works anymore when i have aida64 in autostart.


    when i delete aida654 in my autostart the "Aorus graphics engine" works well.

    I tried to make a delayed start of aida64 but this didnt work.


     i need both programs, aida for my sensorpanel on the second screen, and aorus graphics engine to control my graphics card.



    any ideas ?





  9. 4 hours ago, Rabbithole said:

    Hello, yea I'm still messing with the details to make it look better ... I'm finding out on the fans that if I only use 3-4 different images and just repeat them I get more movement effect on the fans when the monitoring doesn't fluctuate much as in fan rpms even with pwm working. For the fans I have them set to the fans it's just the other "electric ball of light" that I have set to the cpu utilization.  But also as you mentioned I think your right about playing with the "value" settings as well. I now have them set to (1600 min and 2000 max) and they seem to move a little better thanks.  Here is a link to see how they are working now ....https://www.dropbox.com/s/wkzoxbbwnsgw1jv/2018-01-16_20-50-37.mp4?dl=0     At the moment I am waiting on a couple of fan grills for my side fans in/out so they are not hooked up but for "show" purposes in is actually front too and out is rear thats why the rpms are the same and for some reason my rear fan runs pretty steady at 1722 rpms without much movement.  So what I propose is you just experiment with it and maybe together we can find what will work the bestB) ... keep me posted .... thanks 






    okay, thats exactly my problem, my fans are limited to temperature. And they normally have a rpm of 400. 

    you use the CPU utilization for the fans on this example? in your video the core#1 is changing, then the result  "fine" .

    In Idle i had only 2% CPU utilization, and then the fans doesnt move much.


    Can you post an exmple of your choosen png's ?

    And what do you mean with "Min value1600" and "Max Value 2000", this is not  by "CPU utilization" or?

    CPU Utilization has only the value 0 --> 100 


    The second example works well, it depends too on CPU utilization ? Which Png's and Source, and values you use?









  10. On 13.1.2018 at 7:09 PM, Rabbithole said:

    No they do not ... but they do support PNG images for gauges (which are a set of 16 images the program reads as one - thus the animation effect) so what I did was I took a GIF image (animated image) broke it down into several individual PNG images  then posted them over and over till I had 16 images. To do this just pick "gauges" on the "new" menu and go down and click on custom for the gauge and just below that there is a ( ...) click that and enter your PNG images. I assigned the gauge to CPU utilization (because it's an active read-out) then disabled the "show value and show icon" So the applications are virtually limitedless it just depends on your imagination......:D

    yeah but this is not a good animation, i tried it here, makes 16 png with 22,5* rotation of every picture. 22,5*16=360*


    but when i depend it on CPU utilization, the problem is he has for exampe in the first moment 40% and then 10% and then 80%, he takes random images......

    that doesont looks very well....


    what have you by "Min Value" and "Max Value" ?



    Here are my files in Grey with black background.


  11. 9 minutes ago, operbico said:

    before you must install fraps, run at starting windows in background. Then you can see fraps in sensor panel

    Yeah correct that was the Problem


    But another problem, i use a second lcd for the aida64 sensor panel.


    I easy place it in windows on the second screen, but when i start a game, the lcd is black or the sensor panel i only half to view.....


    Gives there a fix ?

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