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  1. im using CORSAIR H100i Platinum RGB. and also im using AIDA64 Remote Panel. i bought this liquid cooler few days ago, and i experienced if i set the Addressable RGB mode(like Rainbow effect), occured H100i cooler USB disconnect- and reconnect issue. so, i thought it is H100i problem, so i got a new one, but it is same problem occured. i guess it is software problem, finally, i figured out this is "AIDA64 conflict H100i Platinum RGB." first, i reporeted corsair forum. but they are said, it is only can AIDA64 developer. i dont know who can resolve this issue. few minute ago, i experienced only Liquid temp is hide bug. so quickly, i set the Rainbow Effect H100i platinum, and this issue is not occured. but i reboot my computer, liquid temp is re showing and same problem occured. if u can make the Disable for liquid temp option, i think it is can resolve. can u make this option or you know how to disable liquid temp monitoring?
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