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  1. AIDA64 working great on my vfd, but there are some strange characters, don't how to fix it ,even check or uncheck unit setting.
  2. Hi, I have an IBM 40N6989 usb+12V powered VFD pole display. It's a 6 pin device with 2pin for 12V power and other 4pin for usb. When plug it to PC, auto drivered by win10 and named 'IBM Retail USB Character/Graphic Display' as a input device. The main chip is a Ateml 80251G2D-UM microcontroller, a AGERE USS820D USB Device Controller. usbdump.txt
  3. Hi, the Dell optiplex 7020 desktop doesn't show fan info, no idea if Aida64 can support this in the future so I thought I would add the sensor logs to see if that would help There is one cpu fan and chassis fan,in the log below there are two fan rpm value likes they are the real rpm but not show in aida64. ------[ Dell SMI Command 02A3 / Data 0000 (Fan RPM) took 0 msec ]------ Cmd 000002A3 --> 00000479 1145rpm Data 00000000 --> 00000000 Stat1 00000000 --> 00000000 Stat2 00000000 --> 00000000 ------[ Dell SMI Command 02A3 / Data 0001 (Fan RPM)
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