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  1. Hi there! It took me quite some time and learning but i made it. I created my first custom panel. I have my old android tablet setup as my external hardware monitor showing all the info i need and it works great!! Big THANKS to Fiery because of the devotion in answering so many questions on the forum and providing so much good information and guides.
  2. Hi guys! Count me in! I am also going to contact Corsair support for this. Hope we can get more people to contact them. As we speak i am getting the Corsair commander pro out of my pc case to put the fans directly into my mb so i can see them on my external display. Please keep us updated on any changes regarding this matter.
  3. Thx for your answer Fiery! I will look in to this. I have been reading more about the samsung digital photoframes. Would you say that they are still worth trying with windows 10? And by the way...RESPECT to you in regard to the way you take time to answer all the questions around here!
  4. Edit: I have found the post about the samsung digital photoframes and i will try to get my hands on one of these and give it a try! Hi there, I am little confused on what to buy/build as a noob. I have read this thread a couple of times now and if i see it correctly, the last question about what usb lcd display to use dates from 2017 and i am not skilled enough to read some posts after that. My question would be, if your advice (lcdInfo USBD480) has changed since then? I have 2 iiyama 27" monitors and don't want to use a third one with a different resolution because it just messes with the gpu somehow. And so i hope i can build a small usb 7" display in to my desk because it would not only look great but would also be very convenient. Excuse me when my english is not very good or when i missed some items in the forum that are already answering this question. Regards, Thijs
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