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  1. When I reloaded the system, I couldn't install the driver. 2021 won't open, 2014 clicks will flash back. The system is win10, how can I install the driver。 When the electronic album is plugged into Device Manager, there is no way to see Samsung devices, only usb mass storage devices.
  2. Why do I install the driver and then flash back 83H win10
  3. Thank you very much. I have modified it according to my own situation, but unfortunately the fan data has not been shown 2020-03-06.splcd.axlcd
  4. The original is because my computer is WIN10, do you have a WIN10 driver
  5. Why do I install the driver and then flash back 83H
  6. OK thank you ~~ isasensordump2.txt
  7. Why doesn't my AIDA64 show the fan speed? The model is aliwenware 17R5 But my app can display the fan speed as the temperature aquacomputerdump.txt
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