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  1. hey, not done with it yet, and i dont think i have time to make a complete 800x480 version, but i can provide a background or something in that scale when its done
  2. work in progress, modern-ish style. custom gauges (radial and bar). needs some more tweaks etc but you get the idea
  3. great work, love how minimal and clean it is
  4. hey, someone requested a white background for my "retro" skin. so i thought i could share it here too. just replace the background image
  5. my guess is using animated wallpaper, like wallpaper engine and make the sensor panel transparent on top of that
  6. great work, thanks for sharing
  7. niiiiiiiiice i like that font better than the one i used. currently mocking up a new "casio" styled panel so ill use a new on that one, could you tell me the name of the font you are using? im also trying to make some custom gauges that might fit with the retro style... keep it up
  8. looks like the dude in the video i posted over is writing the software etc himself or something, and a lot of the smoother visuals are using parallel connection it looks like. you can according to bad google translate buy the items etc on some Chinese stores, but idk which ones... this one looks cool: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1F54y1s775
  9. many of them are not using aida64 tho; https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV12E411Y7EQ
  10. a quick look in the correct forum and you'll see this thread;
  11. A simple retro casio panel. GFX not made by me but from some android phone theme, cant remember who made it, but will add credits to the author when i find it. Edit; here is the original author of the graphics - 600x1024 Portrait mode zip includes; font, bg image, and .sensorpanel retro-sensorpanel.zip
  12. to get FPS working you need to install and use riva statistics tuner
  13. if you use web-view / remote sensor you can use animated gifs. to setup a web-panel, go to aida64 preferences, the go to LCD and enable remote sensor. open a browser window and enter your local ip with the port that is assigned to view. the you can customize under lcd items to add data etc
  14. awesome could you share your sensorpanel file ?
  15. sure, attaching the bg only here, but it should be imported with the sensors file.
  16. Here is my CP2077 panel Inspiration taken from all over. main graphic from here: https://www.valencygraphics.com/cyberpunk-2077 1024x600 res. CPv6.sensorpanel font.zip
  17. looks awesome, care to share the icons you use ?
  18. i just tried it, and it imported fine, but there are some issues with text color that changed to a different color, changing it does not update on the screen / webview, tried clearing cache etc... gotta take a closer look later tho, but might try and do a full webview panel to see how it works out
  19. cool, i might check it out. didnt know you could import the .sensorpanel file which makes things a bit easier
  20. hey, got an issue when importing a sensorpanel file, the sensorpanel size changes to 1600x1001 for some strange reason, and all elements etc are messed up. is there a setting or something somewhere ? when i change the size to what its supposed to be it changes the size of the panel, but all the elements are still messed up. any suggestions ? nvm, figured it out, had to do with scaling in windows
  21. aaaa, that explains it, im not too interested in using a web window tho / remote sensor option. and since the "regular" sensor panels dont support animated gif i was thinking you had found a way to "cheat" the system your screen is looking cool tho, keep it up.
  22. hey @frozenboy, im trying to add some animations to my panel, but im not smart enough to make it work, could you share a quick how-to do it ? i know how to make gauges etc, but im just wondering how to make them loop as on your screen. cheers
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