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  1. Here are only two game themes (many more planed!) from my new Aida64 themes package. I made a lot of vector images. The background images are not made be myself. Size: 1920x475px Theme: Halo Theme: The Division 2
  2. Hi poeple. I had some time and startet working on a new Aida 64 sensor panel design. At the moment it's only a "concept" and not finished! I will change some things maybe later. I will include some different colors and i made some custom hardware icons (not final). Let me know if you like the design in general and vote. Radeon / Nvidia info screen example
  3. Hello community. I am working on 4 complete new designs. I takes a lot of time to finish the themes but i am making progress. Here is a small preview. But there is more. You can test my new Wallpaper Engine wallpaper Vectorez (24h Clock). https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2446793008 All designs are WiP and not ready to download!
  4. 내 프로필을 클릭하십시오. 나열된 모든 파일을 찾을 수 있습니다.
  5. Why reupload? It's online for download. Tested and works.
  6. Okay good to know. I have some ideas for new designs but nothing to show yet.
  7. Thanks. No, i have no skins for this resolution. Everyone is using a different size monitor. And it's a lot of work to put together someting like that. And it's nearly impossible for me to do one skin+sensor for each screen size out there because the time it needs is huge. And i dont want to build all day long only skins and sensor panels. But you can build youre own skin. Use my "Elements Package" (watch my profile for files) if you want and build someting with these graphics together.
  8. Create a blank picture of 800x480px as a base and think about where which elements should be placed. Use the available space as efficiently as possible for youre screen size. You need a lot of time to work on a sensor panel. Arrange all the stats on the screen place graphics here and there. But everyone can do it with a minimum understanding of editing graphics and software usage. Find a font (dafont.com) you want to use and test whether all the characters you need are there. Sometimes special characters "°" are missing for temperature etc. You change the diagrams and the associated colors of the PC components in Aida64. All elements are listed there in the Sensor Panel Manager, confusing but editable. You have to change all graphic elements yourself in an image processing program of your choice. Every PC has installed different temperature sensors due to different hardware. Therefore, you have to adapt most of the sensor panels to your hardware yourself. So look for sensors in the program that give no or incorrect information and replace them from the drop-down menu with sensors that are installed on your mainboard or graphics card.
  9. I have the files as white & red. But what i see now, i cant upload anymore stuff in this forum because there is only "0.22MB left". So i upload the files to my DeviantArt profile. Download here: https://www.deviantart.com/3xhumed/art/Element-Package-v1-1-by-Exhumed-862641961 I added more files to the original package! v1.1
  10. Main background red or white? Or inverted? red background with white elements (borders) white background with red elements (borders) You can rightclick on an item to move it. Another way is over the sensor panel manager per x-y coordinates.
  11. Looks good. What I noticed, however, is that the color does not match your white pc components. Do you want me to put together a white theme for you? Maybe white and purple because i see purple led on the ram.
  12. Okay, here is my "Elements Package v1" with a lot of different colored .png ressources. Maybe i add later some more elements or colored files but for no it's final. 1024x600 px 1600x2560 px Free for personal use only, dont sell or make any profit from. Have fun! Edit: https://www.deviantart.com/3xhumed/art/Element-Package-v1-1-by-Exhumed-862641961 Element Package_by_Exhumed.rar
  13. Hello Community, this is my finished "Cyberpunk 2077" sensor panel. The working time was 3 full days to create the vector graphics (border bottom and top + frame borders and diagonal lines) and adjust the sensor panel and align all objects exactly. You can change the background image. There are several files here, completely without decorative design elements and with cyberpunk texts / elements and hardware logos. In order to be able to use the sensor panel to the full extent, please install the enclosed font for Windows. (1280x800px resolution) Video here: How do you like the end result? Cyberpunk_2077_by_Exhumed.rar
  14. Right, it has some Aliens vibes. ^^ I will share this sensor panel hopefully this week if i find time to finish it.
  15. Thank you. Sure here is the link: https://www.1001freefonts.com/differentiator.font
  16. I need some days because i want to upload a package with a lot of PNG files (different colors) from this sensor panel.
  17. I have really fun to design these Sensor Panels so far. So i made a new "Cyberpunk 2077" inspired theme. I worked only on the graphics for 3 days! Holy moly cow. And not to mention the time it needed to work on the sensor panel to change the sensors to fit on there positions. A lot of smal details (top and bottom bar). Still WIP. 1280x800px
  18. Thanks. I have only this version, there is no vertical. But if you want i can do for you a vertical version (background image only). I only need the dimension sizes.
  19. Just a preview! Hi folks, my completely new sensor panel was created from scratch. Working time so far around 6 hours for the graphics and 1 hour changing the sensor panel parameters. But it is still completely arranged. Suitable for displays of 1280x800 px. The colors used are white, gray and red. Fonts: Chosense, Cyberdyne and DSEG 14 Classic. © Graphics by: Exhumed - All rights reserved
  20. Umbenennen sollte auch gehen, habe es noch nicht probiert. Sollte irgendein Sensorpanel bereits laufen. Rechtsklick auf das Sensorpanel, "SensorPanel Manager" auswählen > "Importieren" anklicken. Beim Öffnen-Dialog einfach "All files (*.*)" auswählen im Drop-down Menu, dann findest du auch den Namen der Datei und wählst sie aus und lässt das Panel laden. Jetzt kannst du alle Werte ändern und speicherst es dann ab, wird dann "Dateiname.sensorpanel".
  21. Lade die Datei herunter und editiere die jeweiligen Werte der einzelnen Felder, um sie passend für deinen Bildschirm zu machen.
  22. Yes, sure. I edit my first post and added preview and files. You can download now both versions of my Sensor Panel.
  23. Hello People, Here is my first (not finished yet) work, 1280x800px. I used a template from one of the forum uploaders as a base to work with. I did not have a display at this moment for my pc but maybe later i buy one. The style is two-colored digital modern optic. As next i want to change the Gauge Meter to match the different red color and add some vector lines around the stats. Which elements remain and have a function that seems useful to me is not yet finished and will certainly be revised again. I will create more different themes from time to time. Tipp: "0 FPS" You need rivatuner installed and run to enable rtss What do you think? Do you like the layout? Custom made vector background and some graphics to. Fonts used but not included: Chosence (https://www.dafont.com/de/search.php?q=chosence) Cyberdyne (https://www.dafont.com/de/search.php?q=cyberdyne) Used colors: #E64253 (red: 230, green: 66, blue: 83) #2FD7E0 (red: 47, gren: 215, blue: 244) v1 v2 AIDA64_Panel by_Exhumed_v1_Cyberpunk.rar AIDA64_Panel by_Exhumed_v2_Cyberpunk.rar
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