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  1. Well... 800x480??? That picture says1200x720, so which is right??? If that's right, then that could be why, as a guess... Shrink it down, using the menu in that picture, or else increase the background picture size to compensate, if that bigger number is the correct one... if you understand what I mean??? Hope this helps, but without more information I can only guess... Also depends on if you're trying to leave it at the imported size or change it, if I'm not mistaken???
  2. I've heard that it's not possible to do a gif background, but here's a question for you, since you appear to know a lot about guages... Would it be possible to maybe have an "animated guage" that covers the entire screen, to be used as a background??? How does an animated guage work??? Is it like a gif basically (I know it's pictures in series), or is it tied to say, fan RPMs or something??? **EDIT** I found a black copy of what is supposed to be a spinning fan, but it won't spin, even if I do the process for making states... I wonder what I'm doing wrong??? I figured If I could figure something small out, I could figure having a moving background out real easy, without possibly resorting to transparency effects and a video background...
  3. I wonder, are those fans and whatever else you are using, actually animated, and if so, does everything you did come with aida64, or are there extra files and pictures, that you could point me to, to get that kind of panel working??? Basically what I would be looking for is all the graphics used in that panel
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