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  1. Importing and exporting was easy to figure out for me, but one thing it took me a bit to figure out, that I'm surprised no one else seems to know, especially on the "share your sensorpanel" forum thread, is that I don't NEED background templates if I have the sensorpanel file, although I guess there might be a case you might need it... The sensorpanel file is just a custom compressed file format practically, that gets decompressed and stored in a certain folder on your drive, after which you can grab the background file from it for editing... It should be more well known than it is, I think, although it's just my opinion...
  2. for FPS you need RTSS software, which is normally used with MSI Afterburner, but it will probably only show FPS in a game since desktop doesn't even have a noticeable FPS to measure... do you need to install afterburner too, I don't think so, but you never know, and honestly, afterburner wouldn't hurt anything statistically
  3. hello all, I don't know if Microsoft defender is giving a false positive, but it keeps blocking my download of the Black_White_Warlak.rar file downloaded from a Yandex link on here, and now since, warns me the site is unsafe, a lot... usually i don' get such warnings and blocked downloads so i thought id post it here that it detects a trojan in there somewhere, possibly falsely, so use at your own risk... *edit* just checked and the Xwidget program installer in the RAR file also comes with a key generator which generally means its an illegal copy of the software in the rar file, unless company is out of business or something, although, once i was able to download and extract the files, microsoft defender found no trace of the malware in the extracted files, so thats good i guess
  4. don't know if you figured it out since I'm not done reading the new forum posts and it may have been answered further than where ive read, but the easiest way, if you'd rather leave bios USB settings alone, is to use a usb micro(or whatever usb version you use) to usb header cable... was watching a video on YouTube, and the person said that that usb has persistent power on newer motherboards, however a possibly better way to do it, is to plug it directly in to your motherboard USB header, as it ALWAYS shuts off with the pc no matter what the other USB ports do... how much of that is true, idk, aside from the fact that, as a tech youtuber he generally knows his stuff about pc related subjects... for future reference look up the author "jayztwocents", and the term "sensorpanel", and it should probably be the first one... its a video where they explain about sensor panels based on their recently(as in recent before video went up) messing around with them for the first time, and explaining how to install a monitor panel, and make a sensorpanel in aida64, and, for being beginners in this part of the PC realm, its an informative video...
  5. i am testing out aida64, and i had an idea for an OSD panel settings update... i know that people have added input here that they would like GIF background and other GIF uses support, but i have a different idea, that might be easier to do... i notice that you guys have a sensorpanel transparency setting, but i was thinking that if i used a program or two i have that will add a video background, or video based widget, like say a logo picture series running in rainmeter, i would like the OSD to be transparent, the only problem is that it has to make the whole thing transparent, instead of what i want which is for only the background to be transparent, or for the background to be completely transparent, and everything else to have a transparency slider, so for instance, the graphs, gauges, and text based pictures and things would be around 10% transparent and the background could be up to 90% or even invisible, in this example... would something like a transparent background be something easily implemented, and would the system usage remain roughly the same if you could do such things???
  6. Well... 800x480??? That picture says1200x720, so which is right??? If that's right, then that could be why, as a guess... Shrink it down, using the menu in that picture, or else increase the background picture size to compensate, if that bigger number is the correct one... if you understand what I mean??? Hope this helps, but without more information I can only guess... Also depends on if you're trying to leave it at the imported size or change it, if I'm not mistaken???
  7. I've heard that it's not possible to do a gif background, but here's a question for you, since you appear to know a lot about guages... Would it be possible to maybe have an "animated guage" that covers the entire screen, to be used as a background??? How does an animated guage work??? Is it like a gif basically (I know it's pictures in series), or is it tied to say, fan RPMs or something??? **EDIT** I found a black copy of what is supposed to be a spinning fan, but it won't spin, even if I do the process for making states... I wonder what I'm doing wrong??? I figured If I could figure something small out, I could figure having a moving background out real easy, without possibly resorting to transparency effects and a video background...
  8. I wonder, are those fans and whatever else you are using, actually animated, and if so, does everything you did come with aida64, or are there extra files and pictures, that you could point me to, to get that kind of panel working??? Basically what I would be looking for is all the graphics used in that panel
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