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  1. This is my final setup using the default elements and simple backgroud graphics. Since I am not skilled with the photoshop, I cannot create my own gauges. Does anyone know about any site or repository where pps share their custom gauges? Thanks
  2. @odospace Thanks for the tools. It was really fun to play with during the lockdown. To anyone having issues with 1) Crashing aida after wakeup 2) Tiny Gauges on FullHD phones here are my solutions. Maybe someone will find them useful. 1) I have worked it out the crashy Aida after wakeup. I gave up cable connection, Now im connecting computer and phone via wifi. Set up your router to reserve the IP to the phone so you wont have to change it in the aida setup every single time. No more crashing AIDA. 2) I have also figured out my way how to avoid the str
  3. Hi, I have a same problem. Whenever I return to my computer, AIDA is off and I have to restart it.
  4. Hi, im using samsung galaxy S4 as a LCD (fullHD display) I have noticed that the default large gauge still appears as a tiny and unreadable on the phone screen. As per the advice, I have downnloaded default gauge states and scaled up the large one to 200x200px using gimp. Then I have assigned those 16 states to the custom gauge and nothing. All I can see is a value and tiny little icon. Time to time the gauge will popup for a fraction of a second and diasppear. I have couple of questions: Is this because I am testing trial version hence tbis feature is locked for me?
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