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  1. Great news! I'm really looking forward to the new features. Thank you.
  2. I noticed the excellent idea below for allowing multiple sensor panels. Along with that I'd really appreciate the ability to switch between different sensor panels by accessing the right-click menu of the AIDA64 tray icon. That would be a lot more convenient and faster than bringing up the SensorPanel Manger every time as I do now. And when the mutiple panels are allowed it would be a great way to activate/deactivate each panel separately.
  3. I just finished testing v2.20.1803 beta and all is well. The clocks return to 2D immediately after stopping the stress test. There is no need to quit AIDA64 anymore. And more importantly to me, the clocks do not switch to 3D when simply running the CPU test. Unchecking the gpu test while running the SST functions exactly as you describe above. Another job well done! It amazes me how fast you respond to problems and fix them. Thank you.
  4. After more testing I have more detailed observations. Activating the CPU/FPU stress test (with the GPU test UNCHECKED) increases the GPU clocks to 3D speeds and they never come back down during the test. The preference for "Stability: Change to 3D profile on nVIDIA video adapters" has absolutely no effect on this condition. Switching that on or off seems to have no effect at all. I watched the GPU usage and it never showed any activity so I know the GPU test doesn't run until it's selected to run. However, I was surprised to see the clocks revert back to 2D when the CPU test was cancelled. Also the GPU temperature never went higher than about 50 degrees C. I then selected and ran the GPU test along with the CPU test. GPU usage went up as expected and the temperature went much higher to 65 degrees C. I then unchecked the GPU test and noticed that the log said GPU1 finished. The usage went down but the clocks stayed up and never came down. I then quit the test and the clocks never came down. But as soon as I quit AIDA64 the clocks immediately started coming down as observed with GPU-Z. I immediately started AID64 back up before the clocks got all the way back down and the clocks remained declining to 2D speeds. Why does quitting AIDA64 allow the clocks to return to 2D? I'm still using the GeForce version 275.33. I hope this helps somehow. PS - I repeated these tests several times to make sure the results were always the same.
  5. Fiery, Thanks for that update. In just a little while I'll do some more testing now that you explained that the clocks are left in 3D but the test is not running. I didn't know how to verify that myself. Using GPU-Z, which has a new test that puts the clocks in 3D mode, the clocks get reset automatically upon completion but that's not an OpenCL test as far as I know. In fact until now I didn't understand the difference So thank you for explaining it.
  6. I forgot to add that in each case the GPU Usage went to 99%.
  7. I don't know if these are bugs or intended features but I tried the new version this morning and this is what happened. In the System Stability Test I checked the new GPU test and ran it. GPU Clock, Shader Clock & Memory Clock on my EVGA GTX580 maxed out as expected. And temperature went up accordingly. I then unchecked the GPU test to run only the CPU & FPU tests and the GPU test still runs. Then I noticed that the GPU clocks (GPU, Shader & Memory) do not return to idle speeds until AIDA64 is shut down. So I thought maybe that was making me think the GPU test was running. I rebooted and started AIDA64 and everything looked normal. I ran the Stability test again with the GPU test unselected and the GPU test ran anyway or at least the clocks speeds all maxed out and temperature started going up. I did this several times to make sure but it always happens. I went back to version 2.00 because I don't want the GPU test running with the CPU test even if it's not really running but just increasing the GPU clocks. But is this normal? Thanks. Frank
  8. Fiery, Wow! That is some incredibly fast service. Both issues are now fixed! Thank you very much.
  9. I just built my new computer a few weeks ago and I finally got around to loading AIDA64. I have the B3 revision to the DP67BG, if that matters. The first and most important issue is that the sensor page shows 4 fans, 2 of which are case fans. Thay are CPU, Front, Rear & GPU. There is supposed to be another case fan called Aux for a total of 3 case fan sensors. It shows up in bios with it's fan speed showing that it is working properly. The second issue I'm not sure is a mistake or not. The sensor page shows the motherboard name to be ASRock DP67BG. While the motherboard page shows the proper name, Intel Burrage DP67BG. Where does this "ASRock" come from? The same thing showed up in the pictures that karl provided in his message: Intel DP67BG I attached a report from the Computer section including the Sensor info. Frank oops, forgot to mention that I'm using version number 1.80.1455 beta Report 110718 computer only.txt
  10. The license extension that is announced in the sticky above is great news. Allowing for use on more than one computer (I have 2 and I am the only user) is a big deal to me and I really appreciate it. Now, is this new v1.20 the one that requires purchasing a new license for those of us that got the temporary license during your transition from Everest? No problem, just wondering if it's now the time to buy.
  11. Thank you, Fiery. That was fast and is very much appreciated. edit: Finally had a chance to test this new plugin and it's working great. Thanks again for the fast service.
  12. Bala, Thank you for posting this. I just checked out your thread in the RivaTuner forum too. I normally don't go into the advanced forum because it would be over my head. So you almost had it yourself. That's a lot more than I could have done. As Stangowner said, when Unwinder gets back to working on RivaTuner again the plugin will probably be renamed to aida64.dll Anyway, thanks again. Frank
  13. While we wait for Fiery to respond to your request... I was wondering about this too. I didn't post the question because I just assumed it had to be made by Unwinder. And if that's the case, I doubt we'll ever see it at the rate RivaTuner development is (NOT) going. Maybe Fiery will tell us I'm wrong
  14. One more question about the license, if I may? I fully expect to purchase the new version license when it is available but I'm curious about something. This free license expires after one year which I assume means it will either stop working or have nag screens like a trial version. But once we upgrade to the new version with a normal license then the license agreement as posted on the license page takes over. It is useable forever but service and support only lasts for one year. Do I have that right? Thanks.
  15. That's what I figured Thank you.
  16. I went to the download page for the first time and found the familiar betas listed under the Stable list just like Everest. Since we're dealing with Fiery here I would assume that the betas for AIDA64 are just as high quality as the betas for Everest were? In other words, I should just get the very latest version even if it's a beta?
  17. I'm very glad to have found my way here. I sent my request for the free upgrade today and I'm looking forward to a long relationship with AIDA64. Good luck to Fiery and anyone else he has working with him
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