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  1. I think it's a great interface...but I am having an issue. I select different fonts when setting up the sensor items and labels, but then when I view in Chrome, it just uses a generic font. Everything else is correct, size, position, background image, etc. But the font I see in Chrome is not what I've set in the panel. Android tablet, running 9.0 and the latest version of chrome for that os. (EDIT...wanted to add other specs. 1024 x 600 resolution, Android 9 10005206, cleared cache and history and restarted browser and AIDA) Thanks for any info you can provide!
  2. Just wanted to chime in and say I have it up and running, working great but still setting it up and figuring out what I want...best thing is it doesn't seem to take up any more cpu than just having AIDA running normally without it. Nice! kudos to the devs, love this.
  3. Same here, I LOVED that G19 but just worn out. Trying it with an Android tablet, like someone said above I can also get it to work over WiFi perfectly, but cannot get it working over USB. I think someone else noticed the high cpu usage, so I was going to try to see if usb connection improved that.
  4. What hardware are you using for the actual display? Looks fantastic!
  5. I've actually been researching all day, and looks like the easiest, cheapest, and cleanest method is with an Android tablet and using the Odospace interface. I can get any size android screen I want (an old phone or larger tablet), has native support, and I can do it all wirelessly! Already tested on my phone, works perfectly! I have a used 7" tablet on the way that should be perfect. Thanks for the reply @Fiery (like I said I'm new around here and based on your title/avatar you work for AIDA64 team? If so THANK YOU for helping build such a fantastic product!!)
  6. Hey folks, been around the PC scene for a long time but just now really getting into serious mods/customizations. Right now I have a G19 keyboard which I've built a nice little sensor window for, works great and I love not having to display sensor info on my main window, just keeps things really clean. However, the old G19 is dying, and I'm looking for a new and better solution for an AIDA64 sensor display output. There are a couple of solutions out there which you can buy a small lcd screen and hook it up as a second monitor, and you just drag your sensor window to it. But I don't like that option, I really like the "native" output that the G19 gives me. In AIDA64 File > Preferences > LCD, it looks there are at least a couple dozen things supported (Abacom, Acer, Adafruit, etc.). I know nothing about almost any of these names/brands except the basic ones like Logitech and Razer. It seems most of them are "component" LCD's that you can put into some kind of enclosure, wall, etc. I'm wondering if any of you have experience with any of these 3rd party lcd screens and setting up a sensor output. I'm thinking I want something roughly 3x5 inches (~75mm x 130mm). Any info would be greatly appreciated!
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