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  1. The sensor panel will drop out from time to time. Maybe in as little as two hours or as far apart as several days. Closing the program and restarting does not solve the problem. The system is a gigabyte x570 master - 3900x and Asus 5700XT. Below are two captures of the sensor readings. The only way I have been able to resolve this is to restart the computer. I do not have any other monitoring programs running. Any ideas as to the cause of this? As far as i can tell the fans and pump continue to operate as normal during this time. Thank You
  2. I have that issue on my x570 gigabyte MB. runs fine for 5-20 hrs or more and then stops reading most sensors. Next time it happens i am going to check the System Information Viewer that Gigabyte has by default to see if the readings drop there too. Perhaps it is the gigabyte SIV that is the other monitoring program causing the issue.
  3. For closed loops pump speed is not that crucial. It may be easier to just set it to a constant and leave it. Increasing pump flow will not have much impact on cooling. It is about air flow over your rads that is going to make most of the difference. because that is how you get the heat out of the loop. The water is already flowing fast through your blocks and faster flow is not going to remove more heat.
  4. here is the image and the panel itself 2021-03-21 elite.sensorpanel
  5. It seems like the sensor panel just goes nuts. Fans report 0 and the temps the MB will drop to 0deg or a neg. It never recovers from this state once here the only thing I can do is close the program.
  6. Thanks to you all for the great ideas. I have worked my panel over several times and this is my current version. Hope you enjoy.
  7. First, thank You all for sharing. It has made this much easier to do. Here is my first round panel for the screen in my case. 1920x480 Enjoy 2021-01-10.sensorpanel
  8. I have been running the sensor panel for a few weeks and I noticed that the from time to time a fan will show the RPMs drop to 0. I can see the fans and it is spinning, and I can use gigabytes SIV smart fan 5 to adjust the fan speed and I hear the fan ramp to the desired set point. Is this a gigabyte issue or is anyone else seeing this also. Gigabyte x570 arous master - Bios F30 - with 3900x CPU. Thank You
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