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  1. Very cool. I am considering doing something like that or one hanging from under my main monitor even though I like the one inside my PC, I am NOT starting at my PC all day
  2. Yeah I never found one either so I ended up using an old Samsung Tab S 10.5 (1st version). I tried other displays but I just cant deal with the lack of deep blacks since my color schemes are dark and contrasty so the other displays were just not blending the way I wanted
  3. Hello, I love AIDA64 but I just noticed that my idle temps when AIDA64 is running are about 53-55C but when I shut it down they go down about to abour 42C! Also if I run HWIinfo, it idles around 43-44C tops so why is AIDA doing this? Anyone else?
  4. I would love to have a wide display like that with a black frame BUT with OLED screen which it seems is not possible to find :/
  5. Anyone knows how to fix this? I get that no matter which browser I try or preview resolution I try or which device. tried on phone, tablet and local pc.
  6. Its kind of a temp setup right now is on top of my Harddrive cage with two L brackets with velcro. It works but I would like to make it look neater even though you cant really see the bad velcro work unless you open the case to look behind it Maybe something like this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07L3Q7Y4F/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3PEORXDHEWCJ1&psc=1
  7. That is the Divoom Pixoo Max which is 32x32 on a previous video I had a 16x16. I have a usb 2.0 header to USB adapter to power it from within the PC. The display has a Car Mode which basically turns itself on and off when it detects or stops detecting charge so it works perfectly so that I can turn it on and off by shutting down the PSU switch. I did a newer video but I can tell you, all fan lights and displays look better in real life.
  8. I love the clean modern look! Any chance of a 2560x1600 version?
  9. What a shame cause I cant get that to work even after I disable the firewall all I get is the window telling me what to set the preview resolution to :/
  10. Awesome panel! Makes me wish there was such a panel with OLED screen
  11. My Mean Green Machine (not really a big Hulk fan but I like the theme lol ) is coming along with the panel from here
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