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  1. So it looks like it is a corsair commander Pro problem, with aida. When I stop icue from starting and load aida, it works like a charm........load icue, my fans colour rotation starts to stutter and soon after aida will freeze and my fans return to normal. I have found some other threads on this, in this forum, can't believe this problem has been going on so long....:-(
  2. Could it be a corsair icue problem?? When I load aida it makes my ll120 fans stutter, and soon after aida will freeze. Any help??
  3. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B081YR1BDV/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_HnpcGbHMQ23D5?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  4. I am at a loss here, I have systematically disabled every program running on my system, 1 at a time, to check if aida freezes,wallpaper engine, icue, aorus engine, logitech gaming software, riva tuning,rgb fusion, i have done all of these 1 at a time then rebooted after each has been disabled, still aida freezes...... I am left with windows and nvidia in the system tray. Surely someone has come across this problem............ Could it be the 5" screen itself?
  5. This is almost exactly what is happening with mine, except not just games, it will freeze on the desktop as well. Did you find a solution?
  6. As the title says really, I have a 5" pi screen that I use for the aida sensor panel. Every now and then the program just freezes, and all the sensors on my sensor paneI stop at the last readings reported. then when I try to start aida up again, it may or may not load, the only thing that gets it working is a restart. I've tried loads of things in these forums, and other recommendations on other site's, but still no joy. I could really use some help with this. My specs are Rog x470-f gaming, ryzen 3900x, corsair h150i aio, 32gb corsair rgb ram 3200mhz, aorus 2070 super, Samsung 970 500gb m.2, Kingston 1tb ssd, corsair rm750x psu. 7 corsair ll120 fans linked to a commander Pro and lighting node. I run icue for all my corsair stuff and aorus engine for the gpu. Also rgb fusion for the mobo and wallpaper engine. Everything is up to date, and tonight I reinstalled aida, imported my sensor panel, but again it froze within a minute. Please help!
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