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  1. To save time transparent background is it possible? I see posts that are 10 years old that say "Working on it" with animated wallpapers being very usable it would be great with lack of .Gif support.
  2. Thank you that is fairly simple and straightforward. My favorite kind of guide.
  3. I have tried to figure this out with no luck I wish there was a tutorial on this so far I have not found one.
  4. There is one here about mid page. The author is Muhammad Afham Kadir
  5. download I removed the black download should anyone want them. All credit to @MoonCatfor the work and great user name LOL.
  6. They said they were working on it 9 years ago. Check out this video
  7. I think what you are asking is not possible there is a post from 9 years ago that they were "working on it" if you set transparency it affects everything not just the wallpapers. This would be a great feature so you could use a wallpaper engine behind your readings
  8. I was just covering my bases you never know with peoples sensibilities these days
  9. I modified this one to use a wallpaper I'd been working on but didn't know how to lay it out. I saw this and it finished my vision Thanks and credit to @Alpharius68 and @Pneuma22 Word of warning some may consider offensive as the art does have partial nudity it is a watercolor art piece not pornography I don't see where I might be in violation of rules but 18+ please just to cover that. You can see it here and download
  10. I lost a dear friend far to young leaving 2 young children behind. I made a panel as a dedication to his memory here If anyone would care to download it Download
  11. If you input that resolution in the search bar in the upper right it will bring them up.
  12. I did a Fallout Brotherhood Of Steele variant based on @Alpharius68 panel you can see here Download with font here I've run out of room here and cannot seem to delete older files for some reason. All credit to @Alpharius68 enjoy!
  13. Check out This one on Amazon its screen and board less money and NOT Aliexpress LOL
  14. I sent one but realized maybe other would want a copy so https://drive.google.com/file/d/1H7OJV56Z_OF5c5d5vRbF_ZUX8f74LRbf/view?usp=sharing That one have the blue dot over the "I" https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HubXKgfOg4n3P0U44y-iiyKfBjxPdAu8/view?usp=sharing that one is all white it's big so anyone can resize to their likeing
  15. I like theme panels I have several so I can change my theme from time to time.
  16. I did a revision of @Slinter051 great panel with a Fallout 4 "The Institute" logo (for those who don't want the ROG logo see photo here I give all credit to Slinter051 you can download here The Institute logo can be easily removed and replaced with in=mage of your choice. If you have an AIO with a screen (Coraire has one now) here if a GIF to go with the panel.
  17. Someone will have to make one I checked there are not any that size for download currently
  18. I now noticed this issue with the Arma series also with the first Rage.
  19. That resolution is uncommon I have only seen one other user with that resolution in this post.
  20. The Outer Worlds very simple with "Spacers Choice" Logo photo here it's 600x1024 resolution fonts included I found a font that is like the ones on the terminals in game Files download here I hope you enjoy!
  21. This guy @Jo Brancheis a straight up troll don't do any work he will waste your time.
  22. I'm on windows 11 Motherboard ASRock Velocita z590 GPU Zotac AMp extrem 1080Ti CPU i5 11600k. Most games do not have this issue (Fallout 3-NV-4-76 and No Man's Sky that I play most often) It also happens with the first Rage game.
  23. I have noticed that when I play certain games in Steam the sensor panel turns off Rage 2 is the one that comes to mind although I've seen it with other games anyone else haveing issue with is? any one know why?
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