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  1. Waow, a new design <3 I am making atm a custom gauge, got to find how to create the 15 derivations of my base
  2. A little panel modified for a user of this forum. 800x480 it is still a WIP
  3. bars.rar Here you go on my res
  4. Hi MrMike, do you have the template of this screen plz? I searched a little bit and didn't find it
  5. Hi, I think that you're talking of my panel. This is high res because I got a 10" 2560x1600px. Well, if you want me to do something on them, just mp me
  6. Could you share again please? Links have disappeared
  7. Here you go FuryNoPanel.sensorpanel
  8. Hi, is it possible to add a gauge that is increasing on every refresh rate of the osd so that we could create dynamic content?
  9. Hi, could you be a little bit more explicit please? I understand the idea, but not the implementation. Thank you
  10. Look in the thread "share your panel" maybe
  11. Thanks to many users, I created my own sensorpanel : Thanks to all of you who helped me
  12. Nice one! Does any of you successfully got sensorpanel to work with gif? I know that remotesensor can use them, but it can't use custom gauge.
  13. With cpus getting 16 or more core, it should maybe be a feature now, no? Maybe the user could check a mark in config to enable something like this. It's probably one of the last lack of Aida64 imo. Maybe you could propose a tick option, to allow this to be possible warning users that it is more ressource consuming. Would it be possible?
  14. Waow, this is giving me ideas, thanks mate!
  15. Looks promising! I tried on a clean sensorpanel folder and did the same. Well, I've got all the element, might just gotta assemble them :p
  16. Hi, I'm interested in your work. Did you progressed till 2018?
  17. Hi, I tried to import your file, and it's really weird : Do you know what's going on plz?
  18. Can you explain what you say here please? I activate remotesensor LCD and use edge/chrome/firfefox to look at localhost but custom gauges do not work. What do I do wrong plz?
  19. They are full bastards! Your theme was very cool btw. Did you contact them? You can maybe get an arrangement?
  20. Hi guys, do any of you know why I can't use custom gauge on my last aida64 software? Option just don't exist, and any panel using them is not working
  21. Hi, tested all version, can't get any custom gauge to work
  22. could you share the panel plz?
  23. I got it working fine, now I'm trying to adapt it to my own config
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