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  1. Task scheduler can be set to start the process without logging on.
  2. 1) Windows variant? 32-bit or 64-bit kernel? Windows 7 x64 2) Intel storage drivers version? WHQL, Beta, ICH10R (x58) 3) Disk drives configuration? Any RAID arrays defined? 3 Sata II drives in AHCI, no raid. 1 External via USB (detected instantly) 4) AIDA64 version and build number? Extreme Edition 1.00.1123beta I experienced this under Everest Ultimate v5.50.2253beta as well after installing the ISRT 10.1043 beta drivers, and it continues in whql drivers under AIDA64. The strange thing is, that the smart information is available immediately including the Temperature value. If i disable Low Level Smart access, the sensors are visible from the start, but the value for the External drive is gone.
  3. I've noticed both in the previous everest and current AIDA64, that the latest intel storage drivers are causing the temp sensors to take longer to show up in Aida64(watching the LCD panel). Could be related to the SMART improvements that are rumoured to be in the driver, but was thinking maybe there was some way you could speed it up?.
  4. Run at startup registers the app to the NT6 task scheduler which provides automatic elevation. None of your listed problems are reproducible.
  5. on multicore chips, not all cores increase their clockrates/multipliers at once, currently AIDA64 only displays the Core clock and multiplier of the entire chip(single core?), when infact each Core (and even hyperthreads) can use individual seperate clock rates. the behavior im suggesting is like that of CPUID's Tmonitor (-T to display clockstates of hyperthreads).
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