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  1. Not to threadjack, but I would love to see a simple way to switch panels. I know it's an Import, but would be cool to use Streamdeck to change the theme of your panel. For instance, I have gone almost all Corsair stuff, so I use my Streamdeck to change colours of everything. So, would be cool to design panels with matching colour schemes so you trigger in Streamdeck and it sends whatever to AID64 to say "import this panel" etc or if you could import multiple then "switch to this imported panel"
  2. This is some total BS right there. I'm sorry that a bad apple has made you jaded towards a community. It's unfortunate that people do this, especially YouTubers who think that pointing someone to a link is the same as crediting the author. I'm sure I can speak for most of us here when I say that you designers are what give this place life and purpose. I know I don't have the skills to make something like this, heck, I still can't figure out how the software works yet...but love what I am seeing so far. It's entertaining to go back years and see how things have progressed from simple bars to....well types like you have created. It's magic, and I hope you don't give up on it or the community. Maybe we should start e-stalking YTers like this and telling them to credit the source. Flood their comments and stop things like this from happening.
  3. I've love a copy myself (along with your Star Wars one, if you don't mind) @ lepreconforums@gmail.com
  4. This just makes me giddy like a little school kid. Grew up on Star Wars, love Star Wars, got my kids into Star Wars...and finally building a new PC after 7 years. Would you mind-resharing this panel again?
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