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Issue with incorrect info displayed on SensorPanel after upgrading mobo and CPU


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I have recentlu updated my MOBO and CPU from 9900k / z390 to 12900k / z690 and did not do a fresh install of windows 11 as it was able to boot no problem with the current build. From there I updated all of the MOBO drivers, etc. as normal and it runs great but I have issues with Aida64 Extreme and my sensor panel monitor items - mostly the cpu clock.

I should maybe mention that my 9900k / z390 build was overclocked to 5Ghz before updating to the new cpu and MOBO but I dont know if that could actually be causinig any of these issues or not...

The new 12900k is NOT overclocked (minus xmp for the RAM) and my current Windows Power Plan is set to Balanced.

Ever since updateing the harware, the cpu clock shows incorrect speeds when compared to Task Manager and at times shoots all the way up to 4888mhz with like 2 or 3% CPU utilization and I CANT get it to report correctly.

I have reinstalled the program (over the old build as I dont want to lose my panel) and it has not helped at all. Also as a side note, I have the same / similar issue with NZXT CAM whereby it will not report the stock frequency of the new 12900k and shows a N/A and then seems to be stuck showing the current clock speeds at 5Ghz. I even uninstalled CAM completely and reinstalled it but that didnt fix it either.


Im kind of stumpped as to why Aida (and CAM for that matter) seem to somehow think perhaps that the old 9900k in its OC'd state is still in this machine and Im hoping someone can advise me how to fix this issue.


Please advise... 


Thanks, John 

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