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Best way to remote monitor Hyper-V server


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Hey All,

I run Aida 64 on my gaming computer for monitoring temps and such so this program was my first thought for monitoring my home server.

I am looking for the best way to remote monitor a Hyper-V server.

This is a home set up of Hyper V on an Asus P9X79 Pro and i7 3820 CPU. Installed VMs are Server 2012 Essentials and Win 8 for management of the Hyper-V host.

The main thing I want to monitor is the SMART status of the hard drives. I know one of the hard drives is on the way out so want to monitor it and replace as soon as possible. All hard drives are in Raid 1 so there is some fault tolerance.

I have installed the trial of Aida 64 and confirmed this runs and shows me all sensor info. Unfortunately I can't see any way to view this information from the Win8 management VM.

Is there a way to see the SMART status of the hard drives on a remote computer?

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In a virtualized environment there's no way to access the underlying host hardware, but only the virtualized hardware. So you need to run AIDA64 natively in order to monitor the thermal status and SMART details of your "real" hardware components.



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Thanks for the reply Fiery.

I have confirmed that Aida64 trial installs on Hyper-V Server 2012 and all hardware is monitored and reported on.

What I need to do now is get that information out to another computer.

I noticed that there is an option to log to an HTML. I set that up and saved to shared directory that I could then pick up from a remote computer. That was ok but SMART hard drive status was not available for logging.

Would it be possible to expand the items that can be sent to the log fle?

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