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Windows 8 sensors


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Windows Gadgets have been removed from Windows 8 by Microsoft, because now they want to push "Metro" (or "Modern") style applications instead. I'm afraid AIDA64 cannot put that feature back into Windows 8 :( However, you can actually configure the SensorPanel to make it look exactly like a Windows Gadget, so we do not feel the lack of Gadgets a real issue about Windows 8.



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I have followed your suggestion and now have the sensors that I want on the panel. However, I must be doing something wrong. I had to transfer the individual listings from the manager to the sensor panel one at a time. They then appear superimposed upon the top listing and I then drag them into the wanted position. It is not possible to get them aligned properly this way. Did I miss a step somewhere?post-224-0-68903800-1352576226_thumb.png

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If you use the Sensor Item item type (and not the Simple Sensor Item), then it's quite easy: you just need to use the same width for the whole item, and also the same width for all units. It will then be perfectly aligned.

Please note that unlike the Sensor Icons, OSD Panel and Desktop Gadget features of AIDA64, with the SensorPanel it takes a bit more efforts to achieve the looks you want to see. But it worth the efforts, because with the extremely flexible SensorPanel you can do a lot more than with the mentioned other AIDA64 features.

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