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the log files are a nice thing to have but could you split them up at user definable sizes?

like when i have a log.htm which is 38516KB in size both mozilla firefox and internet explorer are kinda like crashing ... smaller sizes are no problem

so either create alog file every given hours or every given size in megabyte woud be a nice feature to have


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In order to avoid log files getting too large, logging is restarted after 24 hours of logging, and so a new log file is opened. If your log file still gets too large in 24 hours, you may want to make update frequency a bit longer. With a 1-second logging rate log files can indeed get a bit huge :)

Alternatively, you can also check if the large log files can be opened better with another browser, e.g. Chrome or Safari.



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thanks ... i still think it would be convenient if one had the option setting a size and if reached a new log file is created

for example: if i have random crashes resulting in asus surge protection messages and having maybe to do with internal pll overvoltage setting in bios - after disabling it no more asus surge protection messages came - and other random crashes logging with a 1-second rate can be interesting ... so in that case they tend to get really big ...

i know how software development works and if a feature is not one everyone cries for then in most cases it will not get implemented, not even considered ... but then ... there's lots of thins a developer can do which then also keeps a smaller number of people happy

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We've implemented a new option on the Preferences / Hardware Monitoring / Logging page to let you adjust the frequency of new log file opening. Previosuly it was 24 hours fixed, now it is 24 hours by default, but you can lower it to 1 hour if you wish.

Make sure to upgrade to the latest beta version of AIDA64 Extreme Edition available at:


After upgrading to this new version, make sure to restart Windows to finalize the upgrade.

Let me know how it works ;)

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